Eliminate GenAI Hallucinations With RAG

November 14, 2023

E-commerce enterprises that are serious about leveraging intelligent data analytics for growth are turning to EKOM for results. As a leader in generative AI technology, EKOM helps e-commerce marketers produce thousands of unique digital assets, such as product descriptions, page titles, and more – all while using current search trend data and specially-trained large language models (LLMs).

Replacing Traditional SEO Work With RAG

EKOM uses proprietary retrieval-augmented generation technology to eliminate the drudgery of manual SEO upkeep. RAG is an AI-framework that allows LLMs to integrate up-to-date external data sources in generating responses to users’ queries. Additionally, the validity of these responses can be verified and cited, giving heads of SEO and e-commerce marketers greater confidence in leveraging AI-assistance for digital asset development.

AI’s Hallucination Problem

Generative AI hallucinations are one of the top problems currently threatening AI and LLMs. An AI hallucination occurs when an LLM “perceives patterns or objects that are nonexistent or imperceptible to human observers, creating outputs that are nonsensical or altogether inaccurate” (IBM).

Naturally, e-commerce marketers are justifiably wary of creating and publishing content that could contain GenAI hallucinations. A hallucination within a product description page could result in an inaccurate product portrayal, leading to missed sales opportunities or unhappy customers.

EKOM’s proprietary data models use retrieval-augmented generation technology to eliminate the AI hallucination problem. LLMs that use RAG have the ability to run queries through your brand’s unique datasets, ensuring that answers are not “trapped in time.” (For example, ChatGPT previously could only answer with information up to its training date, September 2021.)

With RAG, generative AI is unlocked to access current data and integrate that information in order to produce appropriate, contextual answers. And if the LLM doesn’t have an answer? It knows enough to tell the user – instead of hallucinating an inaccurate or nonsensical response. 

RAG Offers a New Kind of LLM

With RAG, LLMs become:

  • Dynamic – they are no longer static and frozen in the past
  • Knowledgeable in the niches – RAG-powered LLMs are trained on your proprietary data; your LLM can respond to queries that no other LLM can.
  • Open – users can obtain the source of the response produced by the LLM. Foundation models are no longer mysterious black boxes.

With EKOM, you can affordably create an LLM that is trained on your company’s data. You don’t have to use an off-the-shelf LLM, and you certainly don’t have to expose your e-commerce brand’s reputation to the unnecessary risk of generative AI hallucinations. 

EKOM is the leading RAG product data enrichment engine – not just another AI-wrapper. Learn how you can use EKOM to auto-generate and optimize your e-commerce assets at scale while using your brand’s voice, DAM or PIM data, and real-time search intent analytics. Schedule a walkthrough today.

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