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EKOM significantly increases your high-converting traffic.
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Product Data
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Digital Storefront Revenue Uplift

Higher Conversions
Optimized product listings lead to better engagement and higher conversion rates.
Increase Organic Traffic
Automated, structured taxonomy means more visibility and more traffic.
Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
Organic traffic not only converts higher than paid traffic, it costs very little.
As your business grows, EKOM grows with you, making it a long-term solution.
Data-Driven Decisions
Make informed decisions based on real-time analytics coupled with proprietary algorithms.
Simple SEO Management
With a user-friendly interface and seamless
e-commerce CMS, DAM, or PIM integration, managing your e-commerce SEO becomes a breeze.
How EKOM Works in 2 Minutes:

Standardized Product Assets = Higher Conversions.

Intelligently automate on-brand product assets.
Lower your customer acquisition cost.
Increase organic traffic to your products.
How it Works
Easy mode for product page content standardization.
Optimize your product pages every month and track your increases in ranking and traffic, all while maintaining your brand voice.
Connect your PIM or DAM
Boost catalog with SEO-rich content
Monitor search engine performance
Automate ongoing page optimization
Core Features

Automated Product Content.
Your Brand Voice.

Product Asset Generation
EKOM takes your product data and turns it into optimized product listings. No more manual labor; it's all automated.
Real-time Search Analytics
Partnering with SEMrush, ahRefs, Google, and other big names, EKOM ensures your product listings are always up-to-date with the latest SEO trends.
Scalable Automation
Got a big catalog? No problem. EKOM allows for bulk optimization, making it easy to scale your product standardization efforts.
Intelligent Recommendations
Based on proprietary algorithms and your traffic analytics, EKOM suggests ways to grow by updating and optimizing your product assets.

EKOM connects to your CMS, DAM, or PIM for automatic product asset delivery —
no developer time needed.

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