EKOM for Enterprise

EKOM empowers large-scale enterprises to maximize online sales without the complexity. EKOM offers robust automation and predictive analytics capabilities, tailored to support vast digital catalogs and global market trends.

By automating SEO and leveraging data-driven insights to anticipate market movements, EKOM ensures that your products are positioned at the forefront of search results, outpacing competitors and capturing market opportunities.

The epitome of scalability and ease. No matter the size of your current product catalog or the magnitude of new SKUs you introduce, EKOM ensures seamless enrichment and optimization in under 90 days.


Experience the unparalleled speed of EKOM. It's not a workflow; it's an autoflow system. Continuously listening, adapting, and making real-time adjustments, EKOM publishes live to your PIM/CMS, eliminating human bias, system lag, and manual processes altogether.


EKOM isn't just about speed and efficiency; it's also incredibly cost-effective compared to traditional methods. Moreover, it unlocks revenue streams for unprecedented growth that surpass human capabilities.


Gone are the days of prioritizing certain products or assets. EKOM ensures that all your assets are consistently optimized and synchronized throughout your platform, empowering your entire catalog.

Best in class content moderation


"EKOM 3.0 represents not just an advancement, but a paradigm shift in automated digital storefront content creation. We continue to invest in amplifying trust in AI-driven automation. TruNexus Intelligence™, combined with our existing predictive performance algorithms, demonstrates unprecedented precision and brand congruence, transforming traditional manual content oversight into a fully automated, exception-based process."

Jon Ricketts

Founder, EKOM AI

Brand Voice

Our scoring system incorporates content moderation measures, including adherence to brand voice and style guidelines, to ensure that every piece of content resonates with your brand identity. By meticulously evaluating factors such as tone, language, and messaging coherence, we guarantee that your brand's unique personality shines through in every interaction with your audience.

Content Structure

By prioritizing well-structured content, we enhance readability and usability for our customers, guiding them effortlessly through product details. This approach not only improves user satisfaction but also boosts engagement and conversion rates.


Our algorithm ensures precision by prioritizing manufacturer specifications over conflicting data, assuring customers of reliable product information. This commitment reflects our dedication to maintaining consistency and trustworthiness across our platform, easing concerns about accuracy amidst extensive content management.

Tailored for enterprise, EKOM offers unparalleled customization. Language evolves daily, influenced by seasonality, holidays, and more. With EKOM, capitalize on every opportunity by incorporating relevant attributes for enhanced searchability, visibility, and conversion rates.

Is Ekom right for you?

Are you targeting a large and competitive market segment?

Are you looking to enhance your online performance while increasing conversion rates?

Is your product catalog constantly changing with new SKUs and product lines?

We've got your back

Let EKOM be your digital store’s reliable ally offering continuous optimization, leveraging advanced analytics to ensure your online store remains at the forefront of your industry, without the need for constant manual intervention.

Effortlessly Connect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about EKOM.

Why do PDPs matter?

Product Detail Pages (PDPs) are crucial for e-commerce businesses as they directly impact a brand's visibility and conversion rates. Optimized PDPs can significantly improve search engine rankings, attract organic traffic, and enhance user engagement. EKOM's focus on automating PDP optimization addresses the challenge of managing and updating numerous product listings efficiently, ensuring that each PDP is optimized for maximum visibility and performance.

Who is EKOM for?

EKOM is specifically designed for e-commerce businesses seeking to optimize their digital product assets for better SEO performance and organic traffic. It targets brands and retailers that require automated solutions to keep their product listings updated and optimized for search engine visibility, ultimately leading to increased traffic, conversions, and lower customer acquisition costs (CAC).

What is EKOM?

EKOM is an e-commerce optimization platform developed by AGYL AI, Inc. It leverages AI-driven insights and real-time SEO data to automate the creation and optimization of digital product assets for e-commerce businesses. EKOM's core features include automated SEO optimization, real-time search analytics, scalable automation, and the generation of high-quality, SEO-driven content tailored to market demand.

How does Metadata affect my SEO performance?

Metadata plays a critical role in SEO performance by influencing how search engines interpret and rank your web pages. Optimized metadata, including meta titles and descriptions, helps search engines understand the content and relevance of your pages to user queries. Ekom's automated SEO optimization features focus on optimizing metadata fields, ensuring that product listings meet the structured data requirements for visibility in search engine results.

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