Data Science Meets Retail Search

Optimize your digital storefront with real-time data on consumer behavior and search engine trends. Experience a continuous boost in sustained traffic, conversions, and revenue.
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Dynamically Optimized Content as a Service

Data Sources

DAM or PIM Data
Performance Data
SEO Data
EKOM combines data from your store, search engines, and leading search data providers to analyze real-time performance and train our AI to ensure the highest quality recommendations for optimization.

Targeted Language Models

Tailored AI model built for brand safety and performance.
Our targeted language model elevates beyond the capabilities of industry-defining LLMs. Using a deep understanding of the unique needs of online commerce, EKOM allows brands to be confident that their assets maintain natural language while continuously improving search ranking performance.
Natural language for motivating conversion.
Edit targeted keywords and recommendations for brand safety and voice customization.
Continuously improving AI based on real-time data.

Dynamically Generated and Optimized Content

Optimized assets delivered at scale.
Seamless integration and 1-click publishing allows for flexible control and the ability to optimize at scale. By analyzing product level performance over time, brands are able to improve SEO performance at a higher frequency than previously possible.
Simple integration and in-app HTML editing with instant publishing to store PIM.
Product-level performance analytics.
Automated optimization on your schedule.

Content Moderation

Our four-step content moderation process blends advanced analytics with a human touch to offer an impeccable content moderation experience.
Analytics Comparison and Optimizations
Evaluate existing content and then optimize using real-time search analytics data from platforms like SEMRush and ahRefs to gauge search positiong and trends.
Brand Alignment Check
Examine Product Detail Pages (PDPs) to ensure alignment with brand guidelines and voice, ensuring a coherent narrative.
Algorithmic Moderation
Utilize a proprietary content moderation algorithm for a redundancy check verifying originality and relevance.
Human Review
Conduct an internal, human moderation check for any regulatory or security specificities, blending technology with human insight.

The Trustworthy Power Behind EKOM.

EKOM is the leading retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) product data enrichment engine that eliminates the drudgery of manual SEO upkeep.

Retrieval-augmented generation is an AI framework for retrieving facts from an external knowledge base to ground large language models (LLMs) on the most accurate, up-to-date information and to give users insight into LLMs' generative process.

Now you can monitor and respond to stay ahead of changes in search trends, boost traffic and conversions, scale with ease, and preserve brand voice, allowing retailers to revolutionize their online presence through secure, expertly-engineered AI.
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