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Designed for mid-market and power sellers using Shopify or similar content management systems
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EKOM do?
What problem does it solve?
What data sources is EKOM using to solve this problem in a unique way?
How does EKOM leverage these sources of truth to drive traffic and revenue?
How can I be sure EKOM won't make an inaccurate description of my product?
If I have multiple color/size variations, does that count as separate products if we have them as separate listings within the CMS store? Will I be charged multiple times to mention different colors/sizes?
Why should I use EKOM for my PDPs?
What should I put in my Brand Guidelines section? How does that help EKOM optimize more effectively?
Will I need to manually review suggestions before they can go live?
Do I have to click through recommendations?
Do we follow Google’s recommended character length/limits?
How can we track changes? What does performance look like before vs. after an optimization has been made?
Should I optimize my entire catalog or just the lowest performing 80% or so?
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