EKOM: Setting the Standard for SEO-Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

June 8, 2023

If you’ve ever worked for a brand, you know how demanding having to constantly create strong product descriptions, keywords, meta-tags, and social media content can be. And when you add keeping up with the ever-evolving SEO landscape to the equation, you have a complex and time-consuming process.  

All of this tedious work typically includes the work of several different people, from the initial copywriter to the SEO expert, and finally, the marketing director. Depending on the number of products your company has to promote, this may take a countless number of hours.

Take into consideration that just one product description can cost from a minimum of $50 to hundreds of dollars to get it as close to perfect as possible. When the time comes to update an entire catalog of inventory, there is no way to estimate exactly how much a company may spend and how many weeks, or even months, it will take to complete the entire process.

With the SEO-landscape always changing, this costly and arduous work quickly becomes irrelevant. If you want your brand to remain competitive in the e-commerce marketplace, your keywords, descriptions, meta-tags, and content needs to be updated and refreshed regularly.

However, the majority of companies are lacking in capacity, budget, and manpower to do this as necessary. This is why we created EKOM to do the work for you.

What is EKOM?  

With so few resources available to help companies do this essential work, EKOM goes above and beyond the capabilities of ChatGPT as an artificial intelligence for SEO tool. What exactly is EKOM? Simply explained, it is an integrated and automated SEO tool that is designed to elevate your product above competition and accelerate traffic, conversions, and revenue.

With EKOM, you are able to integrate, automate, and generate platform-specific product descriptions, meta-tags, keywords, and much more. Our savvy tool eliminates the need for manual product descriptions through our no-code interface that will lead to your brand scaling in an instant.

How to Use EKOM to Optimize Your Search Performance

Such an advanced AI tool may sound intricate, but it’s actually very easy. All you have to do is connect your CMS or upload a CSV file, and then EKOM generates search-optimized assets for as many products as needed and as frequently as you desire. To maximize your performance based on what is currently working in-market, just set your model on auto-adjust.

With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can access all of your products’ information and edit your outputs right there in your user interface. Then, when you are ready, push your newly-generated or refreshed assets back to your platform’s CMS with just one easy click.

Why EKOM Outperforms Traditional SEO Tools

There are so many ways that your brand will benefit from utilizing EKOM. Not only will this tool save your company money, but it will drive revenue for any channel. Not to mention, there is a faster turnaround time for the SEO-optimization of product descriptions, meta-tags, keywords, and other important content, so your assets are never out of date.

Other AI tools like ChatGPT have dataset limitations that are years behind. But EKOM has the ability to optimize your site’s content around the most important factor: what search engines are using to determine your page ranking this week.

Ultimately, with EKOM, your brand will have higher SEO rankings, conversions, and sales, giving you a competitive edge. Every company is looking to increase efficiency while also increasing profit, and with EKOM, you get desired results.


If your brand is looking to make content SEO optimized using AI, EKOM is the most advanced AI writer tool to bulk-generate the best product descriptions, meta-tags, keywords, and more.

Not only will EKOM boost your productivity, but it will ultimately result in your brand outperforming your benchmarks. This is smarter e-commerce.

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