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How EKOM’s Content Moderation Process Supports Brand Integrity

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Automation can be an intimidating concept for brands who are justifiably protective of their image and assets. Whether you’ve heard the term or not, you’re certainly aware of the concept of an AI hallucination: when AI goes off the rails and responds to a query with patently false information presented as fact.

As the only end-to-end automated content engine for e-commerce, EKOM has designed a three-step content moderation process to ensure that digital assets created for users are accurate, brand-aligned, and relevant to the customer. EKOM blends advanced analytics with a human touch to offer an impeccable content moderation experience. Learn more below.

#1 Analytics Integration and Initial Optimization

For starters, EKOM evaluates your e-commerce store’s existing data and content to develop an understanding of your store’s current performance, strengths, and weaknesses. It then optimizes your store’s digital storefront content by pulling in real-time search analytics data from platforms like Semrush and Ahrefs, as well as your own Google Search Console. These tools are helpful for gauging search positioning and trends. 

EKOM recently helped one software company improve their page rankings by an average of 9.87 positions – nearly one whole page in Google search results – after optimization.

#2 Collaborative Fine-Tuning of Moderation Models 

Of course, it’s not enough for content to be written just for search engines. As the first and only enterprise composable software with intelligent algorithms, EKOM uses AI to train a large language model (LLM) on your brand’s voice. EKOM integrates with your tech-stack to pull in brand guidelines, product descriptions, meta fields, user reviews and much more to train your custom LLM.

The EKOM team works with human stakeholders from their clients and works with them to identify all of the rules for their content’s structure and brand voice. To start, the team uses EKOM’s content generation model to adjust a small number of products’ content and then has the clients review the items that were produced and provide feedback and revisions.

By working closely with their clients, the team is able to develop three different content moderation models (content accuracy, brand voice, and content structure), which allow EKOM to create and optimize digital storefront content they are pleased with.

Your fine-tuned LLM can be used to modify and enrich product detail pages (PDPs) to ensure alignment with brand guidelines and voice, creating a coherent narrative across hundreds or thousands of individual pages in your e-commerce store. Once the clients have signed off on their moderation models and are happy with the quality of content they have received, they move into the manage by exception phase. 

#3 Manage by Exception

Using its TruNexus Intelligence™ technology, EKOM is able to provide unmatched control and oversight of content accuracy, voice, and structure, effectively removing many barriers to AI adoption in structured product content creation at scale. TruNexus Intelligence™ is a multi-model integration feature that accurately scores and approves optimized digital storefront content. 

In an analysis of over 140,000 active product description pages, EKOM's TruNexus Intelligence™ correctly identified non-conforming content and optimized the cohort at a rate of 99.83% accuracy across categories including syntax, structure, brand voice, and product specification. 

Any remaining content that is flagged by TruNexus will then go to the client for human review, drastically cutting down on the manual effort involved in content creation and optimization. EKOM is not just another AI wrapper, but brings true algorithmic intelligence to the content generation process.

Composable Architecture with Added Benefit of No Developer Resources Required

Once clients are satisfied with the page titles, product descriptions, and other digital assets generated by EKOM, a single click can push these updates live to any part of their composable (or monolithic) tech stack. 

EKOM has more than 300 integrations so you can open the floodgates to high-converting organic search retail traffic. The platform requires absolutely no developer resources from your team or even technical knowledge to use.

To learn more about how EKOM can help you automatically publish structured product content that performs at scale, schedule a walkthrough today.