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Will AI Usher In The Death Of SEO?

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AI, or artificial intelligence, is a broad term that can refer to everything from sci-fi movie characters to online chatbots. In the context of search engine optimization (SEO), AI can be leveraged to help e-commerce marketers and heads of SEO analyze data and optimize content on product description pages (PDPs).

AI is a booming industry. With ChatGPT and other search engine applications like Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) blowing up this year, many in the marketing and SEO worlds are concerned that AI will cause the eventual death of search engine optimization.

But is the situation really that dire? Or can AI and SEO work together for the benefit of online retailers? Many experts in the field, including our team at EKOM, believe that AI doesn’t bring the death of SEO at all. 

Instead, AI offers the beginning of better, more optimized marketing and e-commerce. Read on to learn more about how the two can work together.

How SEO Is Changing With The Rise Of AI

While there’s no denying that AI is changing SEO and many other online elements, change isn’t always a negative – even if it may seem scary at first.

One notable way AI is changing SEO is through search engine results. For example, many people are using ChatGPT to get answers to questions or find more info as opposed to using a traditional search engine.

This, of course, has many potential impacts. As heads of SEO focus on getting webpages to rank higher on the SERP (search engine results page), AI could make it more difficult for websites to find the organic traffic they want.

The Importance Of Organic SEO (And How AI Can Help)

While change is already here and tech will continue to evolve, AI and SEO can work together. Many search engines, such as Google, are already experimenting with integrating AI conversational tools to help people search. 

While large language models (LLMs) are just one type of AI, they can be used to the advantage of SEO. LLMs can help users find better results faster. So, instead of manually iterating and tweaking PDPs, AI-generated SEO tools will help your clients find you.

Embrace Improved SEO With EKOM

EKOM is a leading example of how AI and SEO can be combined for superior results. With fully automated search engine optimization tools, your brand can adapt to changes and best practices in real time. EKOM updates page titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and other digital assets using best SEO practices, and it’s tailored to your specified business.

EKOM allows you to automatically generate thousands of product pages and extensive content according to the best SEO practices, saving your marketing team both time and money. 

EKOM offers high-performance enriched product data—the secret sauce of revenue generation. Learn more about how EKOM can optimize your SEO using the power of AI and LLMs. Schedule a walkthrough today