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Why Semrush Is Wrong. AI Content Ranks, and We Have the Data.

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A recent article published by Semrush (“9 Tips for How to Bring AI into Your SEO and Content Strategy”) made the following claim. And we couldn’t disagree more.

AI will write original, plagiarism-free content you can publish on your website.

But it probably won’t be enough to rank in search.

Original, Unedited Published Article Quote

It's surprising to see a platform as reputable as Semrush make a statement that is not only incorrect but is contrary to the publicly available data and analytics. At EKOM, we have the data to prove the exact opposite – that AI-generated content has successfully improved search rankings by multiples.

AI-Generated Content Can and Does Rank on Google

You don’t even have to take our word for it. According to a Gartner Study, retail brands are seeing as much as a 25% bump in non-branded organic traffic from AI-generated landing pages and personalized product descriptions. (Source: Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index)

The truth is, by converting static PDPs into dynamic PDPs powered by EKOM’s AI and LLM capabilities, e-commerce brands have achieved far greater moves in search rankings than what Gartner suggests is possible.

EKOM recently worked with an enterprise productivity software company that had interest and demand, but it was getting lost in a saturated market with competitive keywords, so even paid ads were unhelpful.

Within days of EKOM optimizing the site with its AI-powered e-commerce automation, the website saw a 407% increase in overall traffic and a 12.21% increase in time-on-page.

And what about Semrush’s claim that AI-generated content “probably won’t be enough to rank in search?”

Well, our client saw page rankings continue to improve in the weeks following EKOM adoption with an average improvement of 9.87 positions (one full page on Google).

EKOM’s AI-powered SEO supercharged growth for this software client. AI-generated PDPs can increase page traffic and conversion by:

  • Creating extremely specific and detailed page titles and SKU descriptions according to the user’s exact search intent.
  • Structuring content that’s designed for SEO, while also high value and human-oriented.
  • Updating frequently according to current search trends, news/events, and seasonality.
  • Automatically and continually testing and iterating without requiring hands-on involvement from a head of SEO or e-commerce marketing team.

Discover How EKOM Boosts Traffic

EKOM’s content optimization is a crucial service in harnessing the full potential of AI-generated content for SEO. It bridges the gap between machine-generated text and the expectations of search engines and users. 

Learn how EKOM’s optimization of your e-commerce assets can help your brand increase page rank, clickthrough rate, conversion, and more – all while using your own brand voice, CMS or PIM data, and real-time search intent analytics. Schedule a walkthrough today.