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How E-Commerce Stores Are Using AI to Prepare for Recession

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Persistent inflation, rising rates, an inverted yield curve… pick your indicator, a recession seems likely to be announced later this year or in early 2024. While no one knows for certain what the economy will look like in six months or a year, strategic e-commerce marketers are planning to stretch their dollars under the looming threat of a slowdown in consumer spending.

Ask yourself:

If you had to cut back significantly in paid advertising spend, would you be okay?

If your paid ads saw a sharp conversion drop, would you be okay?

If your e-commerce store lost revenue in a broader consumer pullback… would you be okay?

Recession-Proof Your E-Commerce Store

During a recession, survival is the name of the game. But what if you could do better than just “survive?” What if you could leverage AI technology to supercharge your organic search traffic?

EKOM gives heads of SEO and heads of content that unique advantage. Instead of relying on a hefty paid search budget, EKOM users are able to drive massive results through organic search alone. 

Leveraging our AI-driven e-commerce automation tool, we empower brands to swiftly generate a comprehensive suite of branded content for an entire store.By unlocking the full potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) we’re able to auto-populate an entire catalog with rich, brand-aligned product listing content.

Precision-Tuned Content for Dialed-In Results

As a result, many EKOM clients have seen an increase in time-on-page, which directly leads to an increase in conversions. One software company even saw a 407% increase in their overall traffic and a 12.7% increase in time-on-page within just days of updating their digital assets with EKOM.

EKOM takes traditional SEO, a slow grind of gradual growth, and injects jet fuel, automating organic SEO at an unprecedented scale.

With EKOM, digital storefronts can proactively monitor and respond to changes in search trends, boost traffic and conversions, scale with ease, and preserve brand voice.

The Competition Boom Is Coming

When consumer spending gets tight, the competition gets tighter.

There’s always a competitor willing to outspend you on paid ads, but EKOM offers a massive edge in organic search. Harness the power of AI to create new – or edit existing – product detail pages built on real-time SEO data. And do it in just a matter of minutes.

Want to learn more about how EKOM can better position your e-commerce store against the coming economic headwinds? Schedule a walkthrough today.