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EKOM: The 'People-First' Solution in the Age of Google's Helpful Content Update

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In a world where Google's algorithms are the gatekeepers of information, the recent Helpful Content Update is a watershed moment. The shift from "Written by humans for humans" to “Content created for people" signifies a broader acceptance of AI-generated content, provided it serves the end-user. This article explores how EKOM, an AI-driven e-commerce optimization platform, aligns with this paradigm shift, offering a 'people-first' solution that revolutionizes product descriptions, e-commerce SEO, and the digital shelf.

The Google Paradigm Shift

Google's Helpful Content Update is more than a mere change in phrasing; it's a philosophical shift. The update penalizes date changes without content changes, emphasizing the need for dynamic, helpful content. EKOM's platform is designed to meet these new guidelines, generating content that is not just SEO-friendly but also user-centric.

The Digital Shelf: A New Frontier

The digital shelf is the battleground where brands vie for consumer attention. In this arena, product descriptions are not mere text; they are the virtual salespeople. EKOM's AI-driven platform generates and optimizes product detail page assets, ensuring that your products are showcased effectively and appealingly. It eliminates the guesswork from product asset creation, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive digital shelf.

E-Commerce SEO: Beyond Keywords

SEO in the age of Google's Helpful Content Update is not just about keyword stuffing. It's about creating content that serves people. EKOM's platform is designed to create and refresh product assets with compelling, SEO-driven content that aligns with your brand's voice. It partners with SEMrush and other leading data sources to provide real-time SEO data, ensuring your product assets are always optimized.

Scalability and Real-Time Optimization

One of the most significant challenges in e-commerce is scalability. EKOM's robust bulk-optimization feature allows for effortless import and export of data directly from your e-commerce CMS. It also delivers intelligent recommendations based on your traffic analytics, helping you uncover opportunities for growth.

The Human Element in AI-Driven SEO

While EKOM's platform automates many aspects of SEO, the human element remains crucial. Marketers can focus on high-impact areas like crafting search strategies aligned to the brand’s strengths and inventory offerings, setting objectives, KPIs, and success metrics for organic contribution, and auditing NLP content quality before publishing. In essence, EKOM allows marketers to be the conductors of a full organic growth symphony, rather than playing individual notes.


EKOM stands at the intersection of technological innovation and human-centric design. Its platform not only aligns with Google's new guidelines but also offers a scalable, 'people-first' approach to e-commerce SEO. It's not just about avoiding Google's penalties; it's about resonating with your audience in a meaningful way.

Key Takeaways for Forward-Thinking Marketers

  • The Importance of Being 'People-First' - How does your current SEO strategy align with Google's 'people-first' approach?
  • The New Age of E-commerce SEO - Can your existing SEO tools adapt to the dynamic requirements set by Google's Helpful Content Update?
  • The Role of AI in Human-Centric SEO - How can AI-driven platforms like EKOM help you maintain a 'people-first' approach while also scaling your SEO efforts?

EKOM offers a seamless, scalable, and people-first approach to navigating the complexities of modern e-commerce. The future belongs to those who can innovate AI for people, not just algorithms. Cheers!