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Capture More Organic Traffic for Holiday E-Commerce… But Act Fast!

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It’s the eleventh hour of Black Friday preparation. Inventories are ready. Ad budgets are allocated. Customer service is on standby. But are your digital assets, like product description pages (PDPs), fully optimized and ready to capture as much organic search traffic as possible?

Surprisingly, it’s not too late.

Traditionally, updating digital assets has been a bit of a slog. You need to grab search trend data, analyze it to find useful and actionable information, and then hire writers to convert that information into optimized copy that actually ranks in search. 

And that’s just the start. You still have to earn the clickthrough and then convert the lead to a sale.

Accomplishing all that between now and Black Friday? Or even between now and peak holiday shopping season?

Not a chance. Well, not without EKOM.

Changing the E-Commerce SEO Game for the 2023 Holidays

EKOM is reinventing the entire e-commerce SEO workflow by applying natural language processing (NLP) and integrating seamlessly with every relevant part of your company’s composable tech stack. 

The shift is overdue, as the DIY approach of manual SEO has hit a wall. An unscalable wall. It is unrealistic for large e-commerce brands to properly track and update thousands of PDPs with the level of detail required for being seriously competitive – especially on top of all the other pressing demands of the holiday retail season.

Even if an e-commerce brand could allocate resources to hiring enough writers and subject matter experts, maintaining consistent brand voice and quality across all listings would be a complex undertaking. 

Using NLP to Max SEO Gains

That’s where NLP comes in. Natural language processing allows heads of SEO and e-commerce marketers to create top quality digital assets that are unique to their e-commerce brands (thanks to Learning Language Models). 

With EKOM, the writing process can be done intelligently, rapidly, and at scale. EKOM’s advanced natural language generation algorithms learn your brand’s “language” and create thousands of search engine optimized assets, from page titles to product descriptions.

This technology combines real-time search data with past performance and your product’s attributes in order to produce content that’s specifically designed to increase visibility in organic search.

Unlike hiring an SEO consultant or writer, EKOM does not require human training or onboarding. EKOM can take in thousands upon thousands of data points from your digital asset manager (DAM) or product information management (PIM) software, rapidly produce content, and then deliver the newly generated assets straight to your e-commerce frontend or backend, regardless of whether you use a monolithic or composable tech stack. 

For e-commerce marketers, EKOM really is a holiday miracle. And it’s not too late to layer EKOM into your holiday e-commerce SEO strategy. 

Data Science Meets Retail Search

The powerful technology and seamless workflow behind EKOM should be experienced. Because Black Friday and the holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching, we are happy to prioritize scheduling a 1-on-1 walkthrough just for you. Schedule your walkthrough now to learn how EKOM can help boost your traffic, conversions, and revenue.