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85% of SEO Tastes Like Chicken. Stop Reinventing the Wheel!

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Entrepreneur and investor Michael Girdley posted on X that in his 30+ years of business he’s come to realize that pretty much “all business tastes like chicken.”

85% is the same everywhere, and just 15% varies by industry or market.

CEOs around the world are trying to solve the same 85% of problems, but they’re reinventing the wheel constantly – and unnecessarily.

EKOM sees the exact same scenario playing out in the world of search engine optimization.

Heads of SEO and e-commerce are met with many of the same challenges: the “chicken” problems of retailing online. You know the ones.

  • Keeping product description pages (PDPs) up-to-date with recent search trends.
  • Monitoring low-performing pages for uplift opportunities.
  • Tweaking top-performers so they remain at the top.
  • Walking that tightrope of paid SEO budget and organic SEO grind.

Fixing the “Chicken” Problems of SEO

EKOM helps e-commerce retailers deal with the chicken problems quickly and with incredible efficiency.

  • What if instead of manually updating your digital assets like page titles and product descriptions, you could rapidly generate these assets with AI, using a Large Language Model (LLM) trained specifically on your brand’s voice?
  • What if your digital assets could be auto-optimized using real-time search analytics?
  • What if you could push these refreshes directly to your content management system (CMS) or product information management (PIM) software so that all your assets are always performing at their best? 

With EKOM, it’s all possible. Because EKOM is designed to work with a composable tech stack, it can even accomplish this feat at scale with no code, no pixel, and a quick and easy setup. 

Schedule a walkthrough to experience it for yourself.

Optimize Fundamentals to Focus On What You Do Best

As Girdley might say, optimizing for the fundamentals – the 85% of problems that every company reliant on SEO must face – allows your company to then focus on the 15% of niche problems that are more unique to your industry or market.

Stop sinking valuable employee or contractor resource hours into manually tracking, updating and tweaking PDPs when EKOM’s AI-powered data enrichment tech stack can accomplish these tasks for you in a fraction of the time. 

If you’d like to learn how you can double your retail organic traffic, increase conversion rates, and lower your customer acquisition costs – all at scale – try EKOM. Unlike many SEO softwares, EKOM is not a mere diagnostic tool, but a full-scale solutions-oriented SaaS.

Harness the power of simple SEO management paired with data-driven decisions, and finally deal with those bland “chicken” problems that siphon away your team’s energy. Schedule a walkthrough of the EKOM solution today.