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The unresponsive SEO Manifesto

Complexity and Manual Labor

SEO is slow and painful. Deciding what to optimize demands in-depth analysis, while implementing changes across assets requires significant manual effort.

Delayed Returns and Lack of Measurability

SEO efforts often yield delayed returns, making it challenging to measure success in the short term. Unlike paid advertising, results have historically taken far more time to reflect in search engine rankings.

Limited Control and Long-Term Focus

SEO requires a long-term focus but offers limited control. Constant changes in search engine algorithms make it difficult to predict outcomes and adapt. This unpredictability can deter businesses from investing.

EKOM Fast pass

Leave SEO Traffic Jams Behind

We don't chase trends – we predict & implement them. EKOM identifies emerging keywords with low competitiveness, and infuses them into your assets well ahead of mainstream recognition.

Ahead-of-the-Curve Placement

Strategically introducing emerging keywords into your assets 4-12 weeks before they trend.

Dynamic Keyword Optimization

Continuously monitoring keyword performance, replacing underperforming keywords with emerging ones.

Maximize Digital Performance

High performing keywords continue to run

Strategic keyword selection is crucial for maximizing revenue uplift. EKOM ingests high frequency search market data and identifies keywords most likely to rank. The method isn’t just about searching for popular terms, it’s about best in class trend spotting using market insights to get ahead.

Emerging keywords replace low performers

By harnessing the power of data, we ensure that your brand is positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and market shifts. The dynamic keyword selection process constantly evaluates performance metrics and adjusts strategies accordingly.

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