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December 6, 2023
Editorial Team

AI and large language models (LLMs) are lowering the barrier of entry for content creation. And that does not necessarily result in a great experience for the consumer. Anyone can fire up ChatGPT, type in a prompt, and instantly copy/paste a slew of words on any topic imaginable.

But that doesn’t make the content authoritative, interesting, or even accurate.

Stealing Site Visits with AI

One SEO content marketing professional recently took to X to brag about stealing 3.6M total traffic from a competitor using a content generation strategy that wasn’t well received by many peers. Jake Ward summarizes his feat:

We pulled off an SEO heist using AI.
1. Exported a competitor’s sitemap
2. Turned their list of URLs into article titles
3. Created 1,800 articles from those titles at scale using AI
18 months later, we have stolen:
- 3.6M total traffic
- 490K monthly traffic

The responses Ward received on X were – to put it mildly – less than favorable. (“And you're proud of this? Pumping garbage to get to the top of the trash heap?” replied one user.)

Effectively Leveraging AI for Content Generation

AI and LLMs have created a new world of possibilities, and e-commerce marketers must now determine how to use these tools to generate content in a way that’s “eco-friendly” to the internet. 

While artificial intelligence is eating the internet, EKOM offers a top-performing solution for e-commerce marketers looking to gain market share without stealing from competitors or generating low-quality or inaccurate content.

How EKOM Works

EKOM allows brands to automatically generate digital assets, such as product detail pages, at scale for maximizing organic traffic, conversions, and sales. EKOM does this by training an LLM specifically on your brand. E-commerce retailers can easily upload their brand assets, such as brand guidelines or customer feedback.

EKOM then combines this proprietary data with the latest search data (e.g. your Google Search Console) and trends (Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.) to generate content that is optimized for search and your brand’s voice. These assets, which are carefully reviewed and capable of being manually edited by a human if desired, can be pushed out to over 300 software integrations with a single click, ensuring your brand’s assets are constantly fresh, accurate, and up-to-date to match consumer search intent.

Accelerate Your Workflow, Grow Your Business with EKOM

Though AI has significantly accelerated the content creation workflow, original, branded content will always win against mass-produced, non-brand-specific LLM-generated content, such as what ChatGPT, Bard, and many other platforms offer.

To learn more about how EKOM’s AI-powered content enrichment model can intelligently generate on-brand assets for your e-commerce store, schedule a walkthrough today.

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