SEO Trends For 2024: A Dynamic, Automated Year

December 22, 2023
Editorial Team

2023 has been a blockbuster year in search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing with the proliferation and development of advanced AI models steering the narrative.

AI hottakes have plastered the internet with a ferver rivaling Taylor Swift and Beyoncé worldwide mega tours. But, just as people are wondering how long these powerhouse artists will keep selling out stadiums, will AI also last in 2024?

If you want to go into 2024 with a successful SEO strategy for your e-commerce brand, you need to know the trends will for this new year. 2024 is expected to be a year of dynamic shifts and increased automation. Here’s what we see on the horizon

Headless Content Management Systems 

With AI increasing on-demand generative capability, headless content management systems (CMS) will become more enticing. 

While traditional CMS uses an integrated frontend or a head, headless AIs allow increased flexibility as they don’t have a single integrated frontend. 

With a headless CMS, you can use new tech to show your content on multiple platforms, allowing for increased omnichannel marketing. 

Instead of using traditional CMS to make slow, system-wide changes, you can make smaller adjustments and utilize new tech and AI. 

AI Will Take Over The World… Of SEO

AI has generated a lot of buzz. Some people worry it will take over the world, while others hope it does. Taking over the world probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but increased AI usage is a guarantee. 

As more users and brands utilize AI, the models will become more sophisticated and useful. Here are a couple of key ways AI will change SEO in 2024. 

Increased Automation

A recent survey from Mailchimp found that around 88% of marketers think their organizations need to increase automation and AI use to stay competitive and meet the needs of customers.

AI tools, from simplistic chatbots to complex generative AIs, shouldn't be ignored. This increased automation makes for a more customized experience for your users and can also make your job easier as a head of SEO or head of marketing. 

Many elements of an e-commerce store can be automated, leaving you and your employees to focus on more pressing concerns. 

Further Sophistication & Connectivity

Along with increased AI usage in general, these models will also become more sophisticated and even more interconnected. While tools like ChatGPT will continue to evolve, there are already models like EKOM that use sophisticated algorithms to automatically generate brand-specific copy. 

With continued evolution, more AI tools will work together with one another. This means you can generate an AI image for a blog post while quickly updating your keyword strategy at nearly the same time. 

Get Ahead Of 2024 Trends 

While other SEO trends outside of AI exist, it’s clear that AI isn’t going anywhere. New technology may be intimidating, but the great news about increasing AI in 2024 is that it often makes your job as a marketer or business owner easier.

With increased automation and more sophisticated AI models, you can update your e-commerce content almost instantaneously. With an AI that trains on your brand voice and content, you get quick outputs that are optimized to best SEO practices. 

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