Data to Dollars: How AI Writes a Script For E-Commerce Success

December 20, 2023
Editorial Team

If the quotes, “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” or “Oh, hi Mark,” mean anything to you, then you are clearly a film connoisseur… whose refined palate has been woefully subjected to the horrors of abysmal screenwriting.

Nothing tanks a movie quite like a bad script. But let’s keep it positive today: one of the keys to any successful movie is an excellent script

It’s the screenwriters’ job to lay the building blocks of success for a movie.

Similarly, AI-driven content can be the key to your e-commerce success. While AI-generated ideas and content won’t ever be the only important part of an e-commerce brand, they can act as the building blocks for further success.

Generative AI tools, particularly EKOM, are transforming the e-commerce landscape in the same way that a compelling movie script drives a film forward. 

Here are some ways that scriptwriting and generative AI are similar, and how you can use these analogies to bring further success to your e-commerce business.

Storytelling In Sales

Just as a script tells a story, AI crafts narratives around products, making them more appealing to consumers.

While good stories often have similar components, they aren’t all exactly the same. A film script might use certain genre tropes while bringing something unique to the table.

EKOM works in the same way. Our proprietary end-to-end content generation tool uses the best practices (or genre tropes) of your industry and SEO marketing, while training specifically on your brand to create unique content. 

Data-Driven Success

To write a successful script, writers and studios have to understand what audiences want, especially if they want a script that leads to box office success. Screenwriters tailor their narratives to audience preferences. 

A crucial component of good generative AI is understanding consumer behavior through data and analytics. AI models like EKOM can learn and understand vast amounts of data to help you craft an e-commerce marketing strategy backed by statistics.


AI, like a skilled scriptwriter, personalizes experiences, catering to individual consumer tastes and preferences.

Depending on the genre and intent of the film, the target audience will change. The most successful films appeal to a broad audience but still provide a personalized feel that ensures many people can connect to the script.

With EKOM, our AI model works for all kinds of brands across many industries. However, the content the AI generates is personalized to your exact company. 

Predictive Analysis

To craft a great script, creators need to know about trends in the movie industry. For a long while, that trend was superheroes, but now audiences are looking for more than just franchises.

Similarly, AI models like EKOM can leverage real-time search data to predict trends to stay ahead of the game.

With EKOM, your brand can stand out from the crowd to be a trendsetter in the world of e-commerce. You won’t be on the tail end of AI innovation; you’ll be at the forefront. 

Make Your E-Commerce Brand A Blockbuster Success

With EKOM revolutionizing e-commerce, making your brand a blockbuster hit that’s tailored to your target audience is easier than ever.

EKOM is at the forefront of transformative AI tools for online marketing, as our content enrichment model has advanced capabilities that allow for increased personalization. You can get individualized, optimized content, including product description pages, in minutes.

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