Your E-Commerce Store Needs Warren Buffett’s Sharks

“A good business is like a strong castle with a deep moat around it. I want sharks in the moat to keep away those who would encroach on the castle.” – Warren Buffett

Content marketing? Check.

Drip campaign? Check.

Social media? Check.

Paid ads? Check.

SEO? Check.

Every competitive brand knows the fundamentals of e-commerce marketing. Whatever edge is not derived from luck or “right time, right place” is derived from excess performance, whether in the form of talent, work ethic and labor, or economic capital.

  1. Talent: you have it or you don’t. If you don’t, see number three.
  2. Work ethic: 80 hour weeks (or whatever your team’s hustle threshold may be) aren’t sustainable.
  3. Capital: if you have a problem and you have money, then you don’t have a problem. But eventually the well runs dry.

So, how do you build a moat for your e-commerce business?

Well, you’re going to need some of Buffett’s sharks.

Build a Protective Moat Around Your Brand With EKOM

Rapid acceleration of AI places us at the threshold of a Cambrian explosion in digital marketing tools. Content management systems (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Product Information Management (PIM) softwares have more plugins and resources available now than ever before. 

The composable tech and headless architecture that powers e-commerce today have only recently become fully realized. We’re in a new era. And with advanced tools widely available, every e-commerce store’s castle is feeling more vulnerable than ever before.

As leaders at the intersection of AI, SEO, and LLMs (Large Language Models), we’re seeing a moat opportunity that has gone totally unnoticed… so far. And it’s not going to last forever.

EKOM offers e-commerce retailers the opportunity to build a shark-infested moat around their organic search traffic by rising to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). And, no, this is not just another take on organic SEO strategy.

EKOM uses AI and LLMs trained on your brand’s language to create original product description pages (PDPs) from top to bottom (headlines, subheads, body copy, meta descriptions, etc.). If it’s a digital asset that’s important to your brand, EKOM can optimize it.

How EKOM Builds Your E-Commerce Moat

  1. EKOM integrates with your Google Search Console to understand which PDPs have low organic traffic and potential uplift. 
  2. It identifies which keywords are bringing in traffic pre-optimization.
  3. It leverages data from sources like Semrush or Ahrefs to determine what market opportunities may exist with keywords.
  4. EKOM integrates with your tech stack and inputs high quality AI-generated SEO content that’s published on your site, saving untold hours of tedious, manual content creation.
  5. Finally, it measures organic search performance and keyword-specific traffic after optimization.

EKOM users can repeat the process at any time in order to keep digital assets aligned with current search trends and improve KPIs. 

Buffett’s sharks are doing numbers for our users. Take, for example, one software company that earned a 407% increase in overall traffic (and a 12.7% increase in time-on-page) within just days of updating their digital assets with EKOM.

Want to see how EKOM can help build your e-commerce moat? Schedule a walkthrough today. 

We believe you can double your retail organic traffic and lift your organic search performance at scale because we’ve already seen it happen repeatedly for our clients. Want to learn more? Download the EKOM White Paper here.

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