What You Need To Know About Google SGE’s New Patent

December 14, 2023
Editorial Team

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is an AI tool that helps users do more with search engines. This tool is still experimental, but it shows a glimpse into the future intersection of search engines and AI.

Understanding Google’s SGE, and how it continues to evolve, is vital for those in the e-commerce and online marketing industries. A new Google patent in the past week further illustrates the changing landscape of search engines and AI.

Learn more below about patent US11769017B1 and how Google’s generative AI will continue to impact SEO and e-commerce strategies. 

Basics Of Google’s Search Generative Experience

Before jumping into the new patent, it’s crucial to understand what SGE is and how it works. SGE is one element of Google’s new AI initiatives under Search Labs. This experimental technology uses advanced AI to generate content. 

The goal of Search Generative Experience is to streamline and update the search experience to create a more interactive experience for users where they aren’t just passive receivers of the information they find. 

Key Features Of SGE

To understand how Google’s SGE works, knowing some of its key features and functions is helpful. Here is a brief overview of some of these features:

  • Generative visual content: With SGE, users can easily generate interactive visuals that aren’t just text-based. SGE can transfer text search prompts into visual images. 
  • Customized search results: SGE can also customize search experiences based on the user. It can even add user-generated content, user preferences, and past behaviors to individualize the search results. 
  • Adds additional context to results: Google’s SGE is meant to make searching more user-friendly. The interface follows up search queries with related questions and searches. 

While these aren’t the only important features of Google’s SGE, they do illustrate the goals of this AI-powered tool.

What Is Google’s New Patent US11769017B1?

The new patent filed by Google is for a new method of generating and creating summaries of search results through large language models (LLMs).

LLMs, including EKOM’s proprietary AI, can understand the context and content of large amounts of information to generate relevant content.

This new patent aims to change the search engine results page (SERP) to allow for complex searches and provide overviews with links. 

The Patent's Application For Google SGE

The technology illustrated with the new patent will help SGE create concise overviews of search queries and then provide reliable sources to support this information. The AI will generate links to provide further information or context.

How To Cater Your SEO Strategy To The Future Of Search Engines

Knowing about AI tools is helpful, but seeing how these changes apply to your online marketing strategy is even more useful. It's wise to start creating more comprehensive content that addresses top questions related to your industry or brand. A more holistic SEO strategy would increase the opportunity for your content to be featured on these AI summaries

Also, consider writing in a conversational tone that’s easy to understand instead of just prioritizing keywords. 

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