What Is Google’s New Search Generative Experience AI?

November 29, 2023
Editorial Team

With the popularity of generative AI models, particularly ChatGPT, Google and other companies are looking to compete. It’s no surprise that Google is incorporating AI-powered options into its search engine. 

With the holiday season here, Google wants to utilize AI to help their audience and improve their usage, especially related to online shopping. 

With many people using secondary sites, like Amazon, to search for products, Google is using AI to find new ways to guide customers to the products they want to buy, which has many interesting implications for any e-commerce business.

What exactly are these new features? Learn more about Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) and what these types of AI could mean for your e-commerce store.

What Does SGE Do?

Search Generative Experience is an AI-powered tool that Google users can opt into. This new product has a range of new features to help users shop for themselves and others this holiday season and moving forward. Main features include:

AI-generated gift ideas

Those using SGE through Search Labs will now see many subcategories come up when they query gift ideas. These subcategories will also include links about products or gift categories. 

If you search “gift ideas for dads,” for example, subcategories like beard care, tools, and car accessories are generated.

Expanded virtual try-on options.

The new roll out also includes virtual shopping options to “try on” clothes to get an idea of what they would look like based on body type and height. This feature has already been around for many women’s clothing products, but now men can try it out, too. While this isn’t exclusive to SGE users, it is part of Google’s AI innovations. 

AI-generated gift ideas are still to come.

Perhaps the most interesting and exciting feature of SGE isn’t quite ready yet, but is expected to roll out in December. With this new feature, users can generate realistic images of clothing they want by entering a text prompt.

For example, users could type in “sleek, black holiday party clothing” and the AI would create photorealistic pictures of products. Then, the AI would help them find very similar real-life products to buy. 

EKOM Makes Online Shopping Better For Your Business And Your Clients

While SGE is an innovative new tool that will streamline online shopping for users, it’s not the only AI improving e-commerce.

EKOM uses the latest search data combined with an LLM trained especially on your e-commerce brand assets to create SEO-optimized digital assets. 

As it trains on your specific brand and industry, EKOM generates meta descriptions, product description, and other content that’s completely original and created with best SEO practices. Learn more about how EKOM helps your business thrive in a world of SGE. 

With readable, relevant content, EKOM clients are experiencing increased click-through-rates and page ranks. EKOM increases conversions for your business by leveraging structured, on-brand, accurate product data.

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