We Tried Six Times to Explain EKOM to GPT-4. Here’s How it Went.

December 20, 2023
Editorial Team

We tried to get GPT-4 to understand what exactly our team is accomplishing here at EKOM. What do you think? Do they get the picture now?

EKOM: Show me a picture of EKOM using its end-to-end content generation technology to massively increase retailers' high converting traffic.

GPT-4: The image depicts the EKOM end-to-end content generation technology being utilized in a retail setting, aimed at significantly enhancing retailers' ability to attract high converting traffic.

EKOM: This is good, but we need to see even higher conversions. We need to show how automated branded content increases organic traffic by several hundred percent.

GPT-4: The image illustrates a futuristic retail environment, emphasizing the impact of EKOM's automated branded content technology. It vividly shows how this innovation significantly boosts organic traffic and conversions in a vibrant, interactive setting.

EKOM: You're beginning to get the idea, but I don't think you understand how HUGE this is for digital storefronts. EKOM can automate the generation of THOUSANDS of product detail pages – on brand and at scale – in mere minutes. Retailers can unlock high-converting organic search traffic like never before. The imagery just isn't representing how exciting this is!

GPT-4: The image portrays a grand, ultra-modern digital storefront transformed by EKOM's groundbreaking technology. It captures the sheer scale and excitement of automating thousands of on-brand product detail pages in minutes, with dynamic displays of skyrocketing conversion rates and a surge of engaged organic traffic. This visual embodies the revolutionary impact and excitement EKOM brings to retailers.

EKOM: Nice work, but we need them to understand this isn't just a one-and-done optimization. With EKOM, retailers experience a continuous boost in sustained traffic, conversions, and revenue. The lift is exponential and it. just. keeps. going. Please show the vast eternal nature of this optimization.

GPT-4: The image depicts a visionary digital realm, symbolizing the vast and eternal nature of the optimization EKOM provides to retailers. It conveys a sense of boundless potential and unceasing advancement, illustrating the continuous, exponential lift in traffic, conversions, and revenue.

EKOM: I'm concerned you don't understand what a quantum leap EKOM represents for retailers to leverage AI in the process of intelligently generating brand assets at scale. As composable, enterprise software EKOM doesn’t require any code, pixel, or developer resources. It should produce cosmic awe. We're going for transcendent here.

GPT-4: The image captures a transcendent and awe-inspiring vision of the cosmos, symbolizing the quantum leap EKOM represents in AI-driven brand asset generation for retailers. It conveys the profound transformation and boundless possibilities that EKOM brings, evoking a deep cosmic awe at its revolutionary capabilities.

EKOM: By offering dynamically optimized content as a service, what EKOM means for the e-commerce industry is SO. MUCH. BIGGER. I need you to keep pushing the bounds of possibility, just like EKOM.

GPT-4: The image portrays a majestic and unimaginable representation of the universe, symbolizing the monumental impact of EKOM's dynamically optimized content on the e-commerce industry. It visualizes a reality where the bounds of possibility are constantly being shattered, reflecting the transformative essence and boundless potential of EKOM.

EKOM: We have arrived.

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