TruNexus Intelligence™ Is Reshaping E-Commerce with Precision

December 14, 2023
Bob Hutchins

In the vast landscape of e-commerce, heads of SEO and e-commerce face a daunting challenge: manual product content creation at scale.

Who has the labor to scrutinize thousands of product detail pages? Update each to align with brand messaging? Ensure pages are optimized for the latest real-time search trends? And then do it all over again a week or a month later when new products are added, seasons change, and consumer search intent shifts?

Nobody, that’s who!

A better way now exists. This December, EKOM introduces TruNexus Intelligence™, a transformative solution revolutionizing content creation with unmatched precision.

Navigating the Challenge of Manual Content Creation

Businesses managing extensive product catalogs know the hurdles of manual content creation. It's a realm filled with errors, brand voice inconsistencies, and – for those already using generative AI – the persistent fear of AI-generated mishaps or “hallucinations.”

TruNexus Intelligence™ by EKOM emerges offers a truly intelligent solution to alleviate these challenges.

TruNexus Intelligence™ Is a Leap into a Future Free of Errors.

TruNexus Intelligence™ marks a paradigm shift, building a future where errors and discrepancies are relics of the past.

This innovative solution is not just another AI wrapper or generic content generator. By training on your brand’s assets, EKOM is able to harness the power of retrieval-augmented generation and generate content that’s built through referencing your company’s own sources-of-truth.

Unmatched Precision: The Prowess of Nearly Error-Free Copy

In a recent analysis of 140,000 active product description pages, TruNexus Intelligence™ showcased its ability to produce nearly error-free copy with a staggering 99.83% accuracy. This exceptional achievement exemplifies the boundless precision that TruNexus Intelligence™ brings to the e-commerce landscape, providing an incredible edge for digital retailers utilizing the technology.

Empowering the Journey: EKOM's Vision for Digital Transformation

At its core, TruNexus Intelligence™ acts as a catalyst for a future where brand voices remain consistent and product specifications are written with unparalleled accuracy (all while tailored to real-time search intent).

The vision extends beyond mere automation; it's a promise of a brighter, more efficient future for digital marketing teams.

TruNexus Intelligence™ seamlessly integrates with EKOM's existing cutting-edge solutions. EKOM’s product suite isn’t designed to force retailers to relinquish control; rather, EKOM provides heads of SEO and e-commerce with the opportunity to gain unprecedented oversight and precision over their digital storefront content.

For brands eager to revolutionize their digital strategies, EKOM stands as the beacon of hope on the path to digital transformation.

Embrace a Brighter Future: Explore with EKOM

Bid farewell to the challenges of manual content creation and explore the transformative capabilities of TruNexus Intelligence™, the latest addition to EKOM's suite of solutions. 

Schedule a walkthrough today to discover more about TruNexus Intelligence™ and the boundless possibilities it ushers in for heads of e-commerce and organic search marketers.

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