Santa Claus & EKOM Deliver Joy with Precision and Magic

December 22, 2023
Anna Wellander
Director, Performance Marketing

This time of year flies almost as quickly as Santa’s reindeer. But before you hang up your stocking and put LinkedIn notifications on mute, indulge in some holiday cheer with us.

While children (and adults) look forward to a visit from Old St. Nick, e-commerce brands can look forward to a different kind of gift this season. With EKOM’s proprietary end-to-end automatic content generation model, you can find increased success for your e-commerce brand this holiday season… and beyond.

In fact, EKOM and Santa Claus have a lot in common when it comes to bringing joy and innovation to the world.

Global Reach

Like Santa's worldwide gift delivery, EKOM's AI-powered solutions cater to a global e-commerce audience.

Santa brings presents to children all around the world, and EKOM can also help your brand organically reach every corner of the world. EKOM trains an LLM on your brand’s assets and data, so you can reach any customer, any place. 


While Santa might make it around the globe in one night, he doesn’t just give everyone the exact same gift. Instead, he picks a personalized present for each person. (With a lot of help from the elves.)

Mirroring Santa's knack for giving the perfect gift, EKOM personalizes digital content for each brand. EKOM learns your brand, market, and best SEO practices in your industry. So, you get automatically generated content that is tailored specifically to your e-commerce business. 


Santa uses a good deal of magic to deliver so many presents quickly, but even with the magic to help, there’s no doubt that he’s efficient at his job.

Santa's one-night delivery parallels EKOM's fast, efficient generation of search-optimized assets.

With EKOM, you can generate pages of tailored and optimized content in just a few minutes. Whether you need updated product descriptions, page titles or meta descriptions, you can generate and publish to 300+ integrations in a jiff!

Joyful Engagement

Santa's ability to spread cheer reflects EKOM's goal to create engaging, positive brand experiences.

Father Christmas is all about spreading holiday cheer to people of all ages. Similarly, EKOM wants your brand to succeed by connecting in a positive way with your audience. 

With EKOM, you can better meet the needs and wishes of your users, so they have a better experience when they engage with your products.

Legendary Status

Santa has survived as a story throughout many cultures and iterations. As Santa is a legendary figure, EKOM is becoming legendary in AI-driven e-commerce solutions.

Give Your E-Commerce Store The Gift Of Success 

Both Santa Claus and EKOM emphasize timeless values like personalization, efficiency, and innovation.

But, no matter how spoiled you are by the Jolly Old Man himself, you can give yourself another gift this year by partnering with EKOM to drive the success of your e-commerce brand.

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