Record-Breaking Online Cyber Week Sales Fueled By AI

December 5, 2023
Anna Wellander
Director, Performance Marketing

New figures from Salesforce reveal that Black Friday is still powerful and remains the biggest online shopping day in the United States. 

In 2023, Cyber Week pulled in record-breaking numbers, according to data from 1.5 billion shoppers across Salesforce’s platforms, which includes almost all of the top 30 online retailers in the country. The growth and sales numbers were driven by the continued influence of AI in the e-commerce space. 

Read on for a breakdown of the data. Discover how and why AI is changing everything in online retail. 

Stats On Cyber Week 2023

According to Salesforce, global sales over Cyber Week increased 6% year-over-year with total sales around $298 billion. Sales in the United States were around $70.8 billion and increased 5% year-over-year

While inflation is a factor, growth appears to be a true driving factor with upswings in order volume and consumer demand.

AI-Driven Online Retail In The Future

AI was a major factor in online sales during Cyber Week. As online sales continue to grow, consumers want fast and individualized online experiences. With AI, crafting this personalized experience is more attainable than ever. 

Salesforce notes in their internal findings that their AI-powered chatbot sessions increased in popularity. Around $51 billion of the online sales globally were from AI-influenced purchases. 

Why Retailers Should Leverage AI

With AI driving more sales than ever before, intelligent retailers are capitalizing on the opportunities. These trends and numbers illustrate that AI-influenced online shopping is bigger than ever and will very likely continue to grow in the coming years.

The smartest brands and retailers leverage AI to drive better performance and help customers find the products they’re looking for – with less work for brands and less stress for consumers. 

If you’re aiming to increase sales from your e-commerce storefront, you don’t want to miss out on your piece of this giant pie. AI for business isn’t just better-known tools like ChatGPT. There are also e-commerce specific AI tools like EKOM that can learn your specific product catalog and brand voice. 

EKOM Keeps You Ahead Of Market Trends 

With EKOM, you get access to an advanced proprietary algorithm that keeps you ahead of market trends, allowing your brand to adapt to changes in consumer buying intentions.

EKOM provides continual optimization of your content, including titles and product description pages, with updates as frequently as desired. As EKOM’s proprietary AI is trained on your specific brand, products, and target audience, you’ll be leading the charge and beating out competitors when it comes to generating organic traffic and sales conversions.

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