MIT Study Finds AI Content Equates to Higher Quality Scores

December 13, 2023
Editorial Team

According to an MIT study, content generated and edited by AI is perceived by readers as being of higher quality than content produced by humans. The study asked human experts and ChatGPT-4 to create advertising product descriptions and ad campaign copy, then produced four different variations:

  • Content generated by humans
  • Content generated by AI
  • Human-generated content edited by AI (augmented AI)
  • AI-generated content edited by humans (augmented humans)

'Quality' was determined by asking 1,212 participants a variety of questions, such as:

  • To what extent are you satisfied or unsatisfied with the generated advertising content?
  • What is the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay to use the content as your advertisement?
  • To what extent are you interested in learning more about the product?

AI-Generated Content Received Higher Quality Scores

The study found that content generated or edited by AI was viewed as higher quality than the content produced entirely by humans or even edited by humans.

Researchers did identify some biases in the study. While participants were more likely to view the AI-generated content as higher quality, revealing the source of the content shifted some perceived quality bias toward human-generated content.

Ultimately, the study suggests that humans may not perceive significant differences in quality between AI-created and human-created content.

This MIT study primarily focused on ad copy and product descriptions, which makes its insights especially valuable for e-commerce marketers. The study has found that these types of content, common on product detail pages, can be generated without any loss in quality in order to satisfy customers, their interest in the product, and their willingness to pay for the product.

EKOM & Generative AI at the Forefront of E-Commerce

The MIT study acknowledges that for sensitive topics such as hard news, health, or finance, human oversight is likely still needed to ensure content produced by the AI is appropriate.

However, MIT researchers concluded: “our results indeed serve as evidence that GAI can benefit capital owners and consumers by raising productivity [...] and lowering prices.”

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