It’s All About the Data.

December 5, 2023
Chandler Ott

In a recent blog (The “it” in AI models is the dataset.), OpenAI employee James Betker raised a thoughtful point with regards to AI, large language models (LLMs), and data:

“Trained on the same dataset for long enough, pretty much every model with enough weights and training time converges to the same point. [...] model behavior is not determined by architecture, hyperparameters, or optimizer choices. It’s determined by your dataset, nothing else.”

Betker argues that it’s not a specific LLM that generates a particular output. Rather, all LLMs will ultimately produce the same output when provided with enough data and time to train on the data. In other words, the tech is secondary. The data is primary.

For e-commerce marketers, the effective outcome of this hypothesis is overwhelmingly positive because…

  • No one knows your products like you
  • No one can differentiate your brand like you
  • No one has better access to your data than you

When it comes to data-control each brand sits squarely in its own driver’s seat. Learning how to use an LLM to maximally leverage your available data will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in the world of e-commerce.

Break Free from Locked-Down LLMs

Many brands using AI today are locked into the generic and undifferentiated world of LLMs like ChatGPT and Bard. While these tools can be useful, they lack the one ingredient that can lead to explosive results: your data. Instead, these models are pulling from the same datasets that all of your competitors have access to. Where’s the differentiation? Where’s the USP?

EKOM flips the script by integrating 360 degrees of diversified market surveillance across multiple data providers. Unlike other tools, EKOM’s data sources are not limited. Why? Because EKOM trains a dedicated LLM exclusively on your data.

EKOM Unlocks Your Data for Maximum Growth

With EKOM, brands have the ability to upload their unique digital assets, from brand guideline PDFs to customer reviews, product descriptions, marketing materials, and so much more. EKOM’s proprietary algorithms then train an LLM on your brand’s digital assets while also pulling in data from your Google Search Console and real-time search trend data from third-parties like Ahrefs and Semrush.

Your unique LLM, loaded with the most powerful and relevant data for your e-commerce brand, then auto-generates digital assets like product detail pages at scale. With a single click – no developer resources or code required – these assets can be pushed out to your DAM or PIM.

AI, LLMs, and the many applications derived from the tech are extremely powerful and poised to change the online retailing game forever. But without your data, the capabilities are capped. Injecting your brand’s proprietary assets into the LLM removes the ceiling for limitless possibilities.

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