“Is This Thing On?” 3 Critical Metrics for Measuring E-Commerce

December 20, 2023
Editorial Team

The worlds of SEO and online marketing are filled with many acronyms, shorthand phrases, and insider tips. But, all of these keyword phrases and numbers can start to feel like noise as you’re crafting an e-commerce strategy.

Only one thing really matters:

whether or not your e-commerce content strategy is effective.

Otherwise, you’re just having a miserable time with PowerPoint presentations.

To know if your content is effective, marketers must be able to accurately and quickly analyze and measure the results. Sure, you may come up with some great keywords or fun ways to brand your products, but it’s better to know some useful ways to check the effectiveness of your e-commerce content.

Follow these three steps to get a good picture of where your e-commerce is at, including how to make mission critical improvements. 

#1 Organic Search Traffic (Do People Find Your Products or Not?)

First and foremost, we need your audience to actually find your stuff and click on those links. You need your products to show up on Google searches or in retail search engines if you're listening on platforms like Amazon. 

To understand your baseline, you must know how many people find your products through organic searches. Otherwise, what’s the point of all that SEO work?

If this is an area where your brand is struggling, AI can help. In general, AI-generated landing pages and product description pages (PDPs) can increase search traffic by up to 25%, and with EKOM, the results are more extreme.

If 25% sounds nice, what about 250%? Expect massive growth with EKOM because our large language models (LLMs) train on your brand’s assets.

#2 SERP Rankings (Are You Actually Showing Up On Google?)

Along with how many people actually click on your products because of organic traffic, you also need to review where your web pages and products rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Let’s be real. Ain’t nobody looking past the first page of Google. When was the last time you even scrolled past the first five to ten results?

As a retailer, it’s critical you move up in the rankings for the keywords and inquiries you’re targeting. One brand that recently leveraged EKOM ended up moving an average of 9.87 spots on Google’s search results page. That’s a significant jump that can make a huge difference for the success of your business. 

#3 Conversions → Sales! 

Once you’ve got the conversions, it’s time to print stacks of cash. Conversions in e-commerce can mean many things, such as getting users to click a link or fill out a survey. But, for our e-commerce clients, it usually means one thing: move inventory, make money.

In one case study, EKOM helped a hair care company double its monthly revenue by increasing their conversions. 

While each brand is unique, our AI-trained LLMs provide up-to-date, on-brand content in minutes. With a click of a button, content can be pumped out to 300+ integrations in your tech stack, meaning your e-commerce pages are constantly relevant, leading to increased rankings and conversions.

EKOM Brings Results. See for Yourself.

AI might not be new, but EKOM is revolutionizing AI for e-commerce brands. With a proprietary AI that trains specifically on your brand voice and products, you get updated PDPs in just a few minutes. EKOM is the only automated end-to-end content generation tool for e-commerce brands.

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