“I, For One, Welcome Our New AI Overlords,” Say Most Americans

December 14, 2023
Bob Hutchins

If you work in marketing, e-commerce, or tech, you hear about AI all the time.

Don’t worry, it will eventually come to an end… when the robots take over your job and you’re sipping a daiquiri on the beach while collecting your AI-issued universal basic income tokens.

But until then…

Let’s keep talking AI. Specifically, what does the average Joe think about AI? 

While the tech is no longer brand spanking new, AI is infiltrating daily life for people who live outside of our e-commerce/tech/marketing bubbles.

A new Axios survey from October 2023 asked 2,203 Americans about their opinions and thoughts on AI. Here’s what they found…

Americans Just Aren’t That Worried About AI Regulations

Governments and many professionals have questions about AI regulations. But, this isn't a major concern for the average American – at least according to the Axios survey.

Only around 27% of respondents said that regulating AI was a top priority for them. 

Tech regulation was low on the list of priorities for the government to address, coming in at 14th behind issues like reforming healthcare and growing the economy.

In fact, some respondents didn’t think regulating AI made sense or was even possible. Turns out, how you think about AI may be correlated with gender.

Around 44% of women felt it wasn’t possible to regulate AI, while only 23% of men thought the same.

(Keep in mind that 7% of men believe they could win a fight, unarmed, against a grizzly bear.)

Americans Want Disclosure For Some AI Creations

While most Americans aren’t worried about AI regulations, many do want some requirements for disclosing when AI is used to create ads. But, they mainly want regulation when it comes to political ads.

Something, something, trust issues?

About 78% of respondents wanted political ads that used AI to disclose this fact. On the other hand, around 64% of respondents wanted disclosure when AI was used in professional spaces.

With some increased skepticism about ads, this data is something advertisers and online marketers might want to think about. 

Americans Still Feel Unsure About The Future Of AI

While most of the responses were somewhat positive or neutral about AI, respondents were rather evenly split when asked if they thought it would make their lives better or worse.

The survey asked individuals to say how they thought AI would impact their life with possible answers including, "better," "worse," "no impact," and "don't know.”

While this is overall good news, as it means only 25% of those surveyed think AI will make their life worse, it does show there is room for improvement. 

Those surveyed who regularly used AI were more likely to have positive feelings about its impact. So, introducing more people to AI could improve the overall outlook on these tools. 

EKOM’s Commitment to Ethical AI

Ethics are another important consideration in AI. Using any tech product ethically and with a goal of lifting up humanity is a priority. One issue that many large language models still face is AI hallucinations. You’ve probably observed this issue yourself in nonsensical or patently false AI-generated images and words.

At EKOM, we use retrieval-augmented generation technology to ensure more accurate results and prevent AI hallucinations

Our goal is to contribute meaningfully to better user experiences for everyone who uses our proprietary end-to-end automated content engine. EKOM trains on your e-commerce retail content and competition to create meaningful and relevant content that performs.

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