How to Fight Declining Traffic On Your E-Commerce Store

December 18, 2023
Editorial Team

Declining traffic might be great on your morning commute, but it’s a scary thing when your e-commerce site is going down and to the right.

Even if your top keywords are ranking well, there might be times you notice a downward trend in search traffic. To state the obvious, that’s a huge problem. Without users going to your e-commerce store, you don’t make money.

The good news is, acting quickly can address the issue. Sometimes, the lack of traffic isn’t because of bad search engine optimization strategy (SEO), but there are still some simple things you can do to fight back. 

Here’s what you need to know to keep traffic on your e-commerce highway flying fast and free.

Experiment With Ads

Spending money to regain traffic can be frustrating, but it is worth a shot. You sometimes have to spend a little money to make more.

So, if you do have the budget, you can develop ads to get eyes back on your pages. Business-to-consumer (B2C) brands might focus on above-the-line ads through streaming and social media, while business-to-business (B2B) brands may gravitate toward a below-the-line ad strategy, such as trade show marketing or direct outreach.

The downside is that paid advertising can be very expensive, and when you shut off the valve, the sales can also stop.

Get Creative With Social

Social media marketing is an ever-evolving landscape and success is never so simple as just putting up an Instagram post here and there.

If you have been neglecting your social channels and focusing more on keywords or SEO, it might be worth investing some time in social again. 

Social marketing is also a constant labor. Engaging with an audience in real-time and generating new relevant content requires constant work.

So, Why Not Upgrade Your Content The Easy Way?

Want to increase your organic search traffic by up to 250%? Who wouldn’t, right? While each e-commerce store is unique, EKOM offers the AI-powered content generation tools that work for every digital storefront.

EKOM is a proprietary AI technology that trains on your brand, data, and content. EKOM then imports current search data trends and best practices to enhance your branded content at scale and improve page rank.

While you can of course update your own PDP content, it’s impossible to constantly adjust every product description, page title, and meta description every single time there’s an algorithm shift or new trends in search behavior.

Instead, EKOM does it for you. This powerful generative AI can output thousands of pages of content in just a few minutes, and the best part is that the content is tailored specifically to your e-commerce brand. 

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