Harvard Business Review Endorses Generative AI for Marketing

December 18, 2023
Editorial Team

While AI can be a fun tool for exploration, one field that stands to benefit massively from generative AI is e-commerce marketing.

Many brands are sitting on the sidelines, making the benefits all the greater for those willing to jump in. (A recent McKinsey survey found that only around 12% of companies are using generative AI consistently in their marketing and sales strategies.)

While generative AI might be fun for seeing what you’d look like as a Pixar character or riding a pet dinosaur, the opportunities are so much greater.

Follow The Four C’s

According to Harvard Business Review, there are four main ways that marketers can capitalize on AI in their marketing efforts. Our team at EKOM shares insights on the four C’s below.

Improved Customization

Generative AI allows for improved customization in your marketing approaches, and the possibilities here are endless.

Many consumers want more individualized ads and content. They don’t want to see a bunch of ads across their feed of products they don’t like or find annoying. AI can allow your brand to easily gather user data to employ highly targeted and individualized ads.

Increased Creativity

Generative AI isn’t perfect, and it may not fully replace professionals on your marketing team. But, that’s not really the goal. Instead, one of the great uses of generative AI is sparking creativity.

When it comes to idea creation, generative AIs can output hundreds of ideas in a couple of minutes. While many of these ideas won't be useful to your marketing teams, some of them will. AI and human creation can go hand in hand for more creativity. 

Your marketers can get ideas in the form of prompts, images, and much more. As generative AI models improve, this process becomes easier. 

Extra Connectivity

Another great benefit of AI is that it allows you to connect further with your audience. Generative AI allows your users to create along with you. 

One way to do this is to allow users to create their invitations or images as a part of an ad campaign, as an AI-rendered Jennifer Lopez did in Virgin Voyages’ Jen AI campaign. Inviting your audience into the creation process makes them more likely to engage with your brand and products. 

Reduced Cost

Finally, you can use generative AI to reduce the costs of cognition, as in the cost of creating intellectual content. With the assistance of AI, marketing professionals can work much faster, which cuts costs all around. 

EKOM Makes It Easy To Implement Generative AI for Max ROI

With EKOM, it’s easy to integrate Harvard Business Review’s four C’s. As a proprietary AI that trains on your very own brand materials and tone of voice, EKOM can generate customized, on-trend content that follows best SEO practices.

You’ll get thousands of page titles, meta descriptions, and product description pages in just a few minutes. And with EKOM, content is customized to your brand, lending to creative initiatives, and increasing connection with your audience – all while being affordable.

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