Generative AI vs Predictive AI

November 30, 2023
Editorial Team

AI seems to be everywhere these days. ChatGPT is being discussed across many industries. But not all AI is the same. Until recently, most AI programs were more simplistic and used what’s known as predictive AI.

The latest wave of AI tech ushers in Generative AI products, which are much more powerful and do more than just predict trends and data.

It’s important to know the key differences between generative AI and predictive AI if you want to utilize these tools correctly.

Read this guide from EKOM to discover more about these two systems, including what sets generative AI apart. 

What Is Predictive AI?

Because generative AI is a more advanced tool, learning what came before is crucial. Until the last couple of years, artificial intelligence primarily consisted of machine-learning models that could make predictions based on a data set.

These models would get training from millions of data points. Then, they could learn from all these examples to make predictions.

For example, AI in the medical field could help predict tumors based on X-rays. In the financial world, AI models could determine if someone was likely to follow through on their loan repayment plan.

What Is Generative AI?

While predictive AI was useful, it had many limitations. It didn’t actually create or “generate” anything new.

Generative AI is a machine-learning model for AI that takes training on data to create new data. It’s not just making predictions based on the information it’s learned. Instead, it can generate more information than what it was taught.

For example, generative AI can create images, text, and other types of content based on prompts and descriptions. 

3 Features That Set Generative AI Apart

Because generative AI is a more advanced model that builds on predictive AI, it has many more benefits and advantages for users. Here are three of the main components that set generative AI apart. 

More Creativity And Originality

Because generative AI can create content that previously did not exist and combine existing data in new ways, it is much more creative than predictive AI. It can do more than just classify and predict.

GenAI tech can produce original, creative ideas that you can apply to your brand and business.

Create Simulations

With the assistance of generative AI, businesses can simulate various scenarios. Similar to A/B testing, these simulations can assist you in comparing and contrasting different strategies and ideas. 

Using EKOM, for example, e-commerce brands can input extensive, detailed prompts and large, book-sized documents to aid in creating unique digital assets.

Broader Usage 

Because generative AI models continue to learn and generate, they have much broader applications. While predictive AI helps identify patterns and makes predictions, its scope of productivity is more limited. 

EKOM: Generative AI For E-Commerce

Generative AI is an exciting innovation in the field of artificial intelligence that has many applications. EKOM’s generative AI is trained extensively on your specific e-commerce brand and real-time search data. EKOM automates best SEO practices in order to produce unique product descriptions, page titles, and any other digital assets your e-commerce website may need. 

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