Generative AI for E-Commerce Images Comes to Amazon

December 19, 2023
Editorial Team

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a descriptor for any AI tool that creates text, images, or other media by training on imputed data. While generative AI isn’t new, it’s becoming more prevalent through consumer-oriented tools like ChatGPT. 

Many major players in the online marketing and e-commerce space are creating their own AI models, including Amazon. Their new generative AI image tool seeks to improve advertising efforts for online retailers.

But, how exactly does this generative AI work? Learn more about the key features of this exciting AI tool and discover how generative AI can grow your e-commerce brand.

How Amazon’s Generative AI Works

Amazon Ads' new image generation feature is meant to help online advertisers design interesting and engaging ad creatives. 

According to an Amazon survey from March 2023, about 75% of digital advertisers find it challenging to develop ad creatives.

Amazon Ads stated that the new AI tool means to assist advertisers by minimizing the effort of creating ads while also increasing the impact of the ads. 

What Does This Gen AI Tool Actually Do?

Using generative AI capabilities, this image tool will create lifestyle and brand images using product details. All advertisers need to do is choose a product in the Amazon Ad Console and push the “Generate” button. Then, the image tool will output a variety of images based on the product, including displaying the product in potential real-life settings. 

For example, a brand selling kitchen tables could quickly generate ad images showcasing their tables inside of a warm and inviting home kitchen. 

Brands can then adapt and edit the image prompts to create many versions of the ads, which can easily be A/B tested. 

This AI-powered generative image is still in beta, but it focuses on providing lifestyle-forward ads. Even advertisers who don’t use the actual AI images may find the tool useful in getting inspiration for ad campaigns. 

Improving Click-Through-Rates with AI

Amazon suggests that lifestyle content in advertising can increase click-through-rates (CTR) by up to 40%.

Because this new image-generation AI is user-friendly, advertisers from all kinds of businesses can test out the results. This is great news for small companies that may not have in-house marketing teams.

EKOM Provides Optimized Content With Our Proprietary AI

With tools like ChatGPT and Amazon’s new image generator, online brands have more options than ever before to use AI to their advantage.

EKOM is a key part of the toolkit for growing e-commerce brands. With EKOM as the backbone of your optimized content generation efforts, you will have individualized, optimized content for your brand. Our AI trains on your business and integrates with over 300 platforms, including Amazon.

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