Gen Z Has A Positive Outlook On AI-Assisted E-Commerce

December 1, 2023
Bob Hutchins

Millennials are no longer the youngest generation to reach adulthood. Gen Z is possibly even less understood in regards to generational outlooks and online habits.

Many brands and businesses are curious about how Gen Z feels about marketing approaches, e-commerce trends, and more. It’s essential to know more about adult Gen Z consumers, as they are in a key age range. Smart brands will need to attract and maintain this audience.

When it comes to AI tools, there is some good news related to Gen Z. According to a survey of 6,023 respondents, Gen Z has a rather positive view of AI, including how it will impact e-commerce.

Read on to learn more about the results of this survey and what this could mean for your e-commerce brand. 

Gen Z Feels Positive About AI Overall

The survey asked many questions related to AI in online marketing and e-commerce. They found that 55% of Gen Z consumers had an interest in using AI-assisted tools to help them find products online that they want to buy.

Around half of the participants surveyed also reported that they would try AR or VR shopping at some point. 

Perhaps, most importantly, this survey also found that 88% of Gen Z believes that AI will improve online shopping. 

Along with feeling positive about the role of AI in e-commerce, survey participants also said they think AI could be used for many other purposes, such as:

  • Comparing prices
  • Finding deals
  • Getting product suggestions
  • Receiving personalized help
  • Discovering online reviews

How AI Can Change The Online Shopping Landscape

As brands and online retailers across many industries are figuring out how to use AI to their benefit, understanding consumer trends is essential. While older generations may be a bit more hesitant when it comes to AI, Gen Z will likely find AI-assisted online shopping the norm in the near future.

With this research, online retailers can get the information they need to build marketing strategies that use AI tools. The more brands can use AI to streamline the shopping experience for Gen Z, the more likely they will be to support AI usage. 

AI Optimization For Your E-Commerce With EKOM

While AIs like ChatGPT are being discussed in many online spaces, those mainstream applications are only the tip of the iceberg. Brands can find far more specific tools tailored to e-commerce. 

With EKOM, you can improve the online shopping experience for your consumers by ensuring they quickly find the products they’re searching for. You can also improve the e-commerce marketing experience for your brand and employees, as EKOM’s proprietary algorithm improves search engine rankings and boosts conversions. 

EKOM trains an LLM on your brand’s voice, products, and audience, so you can generate content instantaneously that meets SEO best practices and caters to your customer. 

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