Game Builders Gear Up. The App Store Duoply Is Getting Rekt.

December 18, 2023
Editorial Team

As if developing an entire digital world with magnetic network effects isn’t hard enough, mobile video game creators have another uphill battle: revenue generation.

For years, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store have collected a cool 30% off the top of mobile game developer’s revenues.

Don’t like it? Tough luck. They’re the only game in town. Apple has famously walled off application access on the iPhone and iPad to developers who publish through its App store.

While Android phones may have access to apps not formally blessed by the priests of the Alphabet Temple of Mountain View in California, Google has no problem showing the Play Store door to developers who think they might – gasp – go direct to consumer.

The Times They Are A-Changin’

But there’s some good news on the horizon. The Apple/Google duopoly* might just be taking one of its final trips around the sun, following a San Francisco jury ruling handed down this past Monday in favor of Fortnite maker Epic Games Inc., who challenged Google’s egregious fees imposed on developers.

(*While much of the attention centers on Apple and Google, we should add “duoply” isn’t exactly the case. There’s a third villain in the arena: Valve Corp.’s Steam, which also swipes 30% off the top of game developer revenues.)

What’s the Next Play for Game Devs?

Obviously, the possibility of adding 30% of revenue back in the books is a huge win. As Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney told TIME Magazine, “The economics is real. When you remove a 30% tax from an ecosystem, consumer prices will get better. Or quality will get better and selection will increase.”

But there’s an even bigger play. Mobile gaming spend is in the hundreds of billions of dollars and growing every year. What happens when game studios are more profitable by selling directly to consumers instead of relying on the punishing price models of Google and Apple?

Competition for visibility, conversion, and sales explodes.

And boy will these studios spend for their customers.

While many studios will run the same old playbook and pour resources into traditional paid search and social, we believe EKOM offers game developers a better way to go direct-to-consumer. By automatically creating on-brand search-optimized product detail pages at scale, game devs using EKOM can:

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It looks like the shackles are coming off for game developers long-tied to the punishing demands of Apple and Google. Get ready for the new era, and position your business to grow with EKOM. Schedule a walkthrough today to learn more.

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