EKOM & Taylor Swift’s Top 13

December 13, 2023
Anna Wellander
Director, Performance Marketing

Happy birthday, Taylor. 

– Love, EKOM

#1 Look What You Made Me Do (to your city)

T-Swizzle boosts the economy of any city her Eras Tour visits. 

“When Eras kicked off in Glendale, Ariz., she generated more revenue for its businesses than the 2023 Super Bowl, which was held in the same stadium” (TIME).

EKOM also brings a tidal wave of traffic to digital storefronts. Within just days of optimization, one EKOM client experienced a 407% increase in overall traffic and a 12.21% increase in time-on-page.

#2 The Senate hears all about us.

The U.S. Senate loves a good AI industry hearing. Taylor knows All Too Well. After all, the Ticketmaster fiasco led to a Senate hearing earlier this year.

#3 We play a lot of instruments.

Tay Tay can play the guitar, banjo, ukulele, piano, and is tricksy enough to probably have a whole lot more secret instruments up her sleeve. We get it. With more than 300 software integrations, EKOM is plug-and-play ready for every platform in your tech stack.

#4 We’re both kinda perfectionists.

Performing 44 songs over three-and-a-half-hours while running all across stage and squeezing in 16 outfit changes… yeah, that requires some dedication to getting every moment just right.

In an analysis of over 140,000 active product description pages, EKOM's TruNexus Intelligence correctly identified non-conforming content and optimized the cohort at a rate of 99.83% accuracy across categories including syntax, structure, brand voice, and product specification.

Translation: we’re perfectionists.

#5 We iterate.

In 2023 Taylor released:

  1. Lover (Live from Paris)
  2. Speak Now (Taylor's Version)
  3. 1989 (Taylor's Version)

In 2023 EKOM released:

  1. EKOM 1.0
  2. EKOM 2.0
  3. and EKOM 3.0: the most accurate solution in digital storefront content generation, scoring, and alignment. 

#6 We boost our boos.

🎵 Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me 🎵

Travis Kelce’s NFL jersey sales are up 400%. And while we’re sure he’s a phenomenal tight end, um, maybe there’s some other factor involved this year?

Just as Taylor boosts Travis, EKOM lifts up all its clients with increased traffic, time-on-page, and – most importantly – revenue.

#7 We like owning our own assets.

Following her departure from Big Machine, Taylor embarked on re-recording her entire catalog (“Taylor’s Version”). We also like having total control. Unlike other AI “content wrappers,” EKOM uses its own proprietary algorithms for complete control over the generative AI process.

#8 We go big.

The Eras Tour features 151 shows across five continents and is the highest grossing tour of all-time.

Okay, we’re not a $1B+ company. Yet. But like Taylor, we also believe in scale. EKOM can automatically generate thousands of on-brand product detail pages. We work fast, and we go BIG.

#9 We’re climbers.

With 26 billion streams in 2023, Taylor Swift has climbed to the top of the Spotify charts.

Following optimization, one EKOM client’s page rankings have continued improving over time, moving up an average of 9.87 positions (i.e., 1 full page on Google).

#10 We’re fast writers.

Songwriter/musician Aaron Dessner claims Taylor wrote “Willow,” the lead single on 2020’s Evermore in just 10 minutes.

Likewise, EKOM can generate competition-crushing content in mere seconds. Something about that speed just Hits Different.

#11 We innovate new categories.

It’s widely speculated that the Golden Globes created a new category this year to accommodate the massive success of the blockbuster concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

And why wouldn’t they? TIME Magazine writes, “Swift bypassed studios and streamers, instead forging an unusual pact with AMC, giving the theater chain its highest single-day ticket sales in history.”

At EKOM, we also innovate new categories, pairing our expertise in AI and SEO to create the only end-to-end automated content engine for e-commerce on the market. 

#12 You belong with me.

Search trends and Taylor go together hand-in-hand. Miss Americana is the top-searched musical artist of all time on Google. And with the right PDP optimization, hey, your brand will rise to the top of your future fans’ SERPs, as well.

#13 The Ivy leagues like to talk about us.

If you just can’t get enough Taylor, you might be a good candidate for Harvard’s new class offering, “Taylor Swift: Harvard's Version.”

Or maybe “CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python” is more your speed?

Or just keep learning with us here at EKOM.

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