Crafting Consistency: Generative AI and the Art of Maintaining Brand Voice

December 14, 2023
Editorial Team

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where establishing a distinctive brand voice is crucial, retailers often struggle to maintain consistency across various channels. In the case of e-commerce retailers with thousands of product listings, maintaining a consistent voice in just the product catalog alone can be challenging.

The arrival of generative AI is transforming how e-commerce businesses shape and sustain their unique brand identities when the sheer volume can be overwhelming.

How Generative AI Can Support Brand Voice Consistency

#1 Understanding the Brand Identity

Generative AI algorithms delve into the essence of a brand, analyzing existing content to grasp the nuances of its tone, style, and values. With EKOM, brands can upload to the platform any digital asset, such as a style guide PDF or existing accurate product descriptions. These assets are used to train a large language model (LLM) specifically on your brand.

#2 Language Generation with Precision

Equipped with a deep understanding of the brand, generative AI and specially trained LLMs output precise language. This includes crafting product descriptions with EKOM or may extend to creating social media posts and other content in alignment with the established brand voice.

#3 Training on Brand Assets

With EKOM, brands are in control of creating automated structured product content at scale thanks to our proprietary LLM algorithms. The LLM training process creates an opportunity for retailers to leverage retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). (With RAG, the AI routes queries through your database or source-of-truth assets, ensuring only accurate information is generated as a response.) This process empowers businesses to prevent AI hallucinations. RAG-produced content is always rooted in reality and in the brand's unique identity.

#4 Personalization Without Compromise

Generative AI allows for a level of personalization while maintaining consistency. Gen AI dynamically adjusts the tone and style of communication based on the latest search trends and data, ensuring a tailored experience without compromising the core brand voice. EKOM connects directly with your Google Search Console and other SEO tools, such as Semrush and Ahrefs, to obtain this data.

#5 Efficiency in Content Creation

By streamlining the content creation process, generative AI accelerates the production of consistent, on-brand messaging, saving time and resources for any e-commerce marketing, developer, or SEO team.

Leveraging AI for On-Brand Content Works. We Have the Proof.

EKOM recently worked with an auto parts and accessories company to optimize digital assets for hundreds of product detail pages (PDPs). Within days of its first optimization, EKOM drove clicks to PDPs that had not seen a single click in over a month. Within one week the site saw a 612% increase in click-through traffic.

The Only AI-Powered Content Enrichment Model That’s Actually Intelligent

Generative AI is developing into an essential tool for e-commerce businesses that require a consistent brand voice. By incorporating an innovative approach of training LLMs on their own brand assets, e-commerce retailers can gain greater control of their digital assets, preventing AI hallucinations and ensuring that every interaction resonates authentically with customers.

In the emerging landscape of automated content creation, EKOM redefines how brands earn visibility in search engine results and connect with their audiences. To learn more about how EKOM can increase traffic and conversions for your brand, schedule a walkthrough today.

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