A New Era In Retail Search Intelligence: Custom AI for Your Brand

November 21, 2023
Chandler Ott

According to a Gartner Study, retail brands are seeing as much as a 25% bump in 

non-branded organic traffic from AI-generated landing pages and personalized product descriptions.

25% is nice. But 250% is your reality.

We know, because as the first and only enterprise composable software with intelligent algorithms, EKOM has made it happen for e-commerce clients in all verticals.

Don't Settle for AI Wrappers—Experience True Algorithmic Intelligence

EKOM takes traditional AI-generated content further by infusing real-time market search data – turning static product description pages (PDPs) into dynamic PDPs.

Through this process we’re unlocking new levels of commercial intent traffic for brands and retailers.

Force Multiplying Results in the Auto Industry

EKOM turbocharged an auto industry company's organic search performance. Here’s how:

An auto parts and accessories company had thousands of daily visitors, but very little click-through traffic on most of their product pages. Manually updating PDPs to fight for search ranking was a slow, constant battle, requiring continual tweaking of keywords and metadata amid a landscape of shifting search engine algorithms.

Then EKOM arrived, offering an AI-powered e-commerce automation tool designed to optimize product detail page content for market demand automatically.

Within days of its first optimization, EKOM drove clicks to PDPs that hadn’t had a single click in over a month.

Within one week the site saw a 612% increase in click-through traffic.

That’s the EKOM effect –unlocking the full value of organic traffic and staying on top of constantly-changing long tail queries.

EKOM Generates Branded Content At Scale

EKOM can generate an entire store’s worth of brand-aligned content in just minutes.

Problem: A luxury glamping brand had inventory and demand. But using stock product content from the manufacturer made it impossible to stand out. 

Prior to using EKOM, writing on-brand descriptions, SEO titles, meta descriptions, headers, and alt text cost this retailer tens of thousands dollars and months to implement.

Then EKOM arrived, offering an AI-powered e-commerce automation tool designed to always respect brand voice, guidelines, and product specs.

It took 20 minutes to connect Shopify and upload branded assets for voice compliance.

It took 10 more minutes to auto populate the entire catalog with rich, brand-aligned product listing content.

The EKOM Effect: unlocking the full potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) with high-fidelity data inputs and custom-fine tuning around your brand’s voice.

“EKOM effortlessly created these original product titles and descriptions for our new brand launch, saving us time and money, and set our product line for ongoing ranking success. It’s comforting to have EKOM diligently working behind the scenes to optimize our site's organic search rankings.” 

- Haley Swank, Good Intentions Partner

More Time On Page = More Conversions

EKOM recently revitalized a software company’s performance.

Problem: An enterprise productivity software company had interest and demand, but it was getting lost in a saturated market with competitive keywords making even paid ads unhelpful.

Then EKOM arrived, offering an AI-powered e-commerce automation tool designed to optimize PDP content and boost audience retention.

Within days of EKOM optimization, the site saw a 407% increase in overall traffic and a 12.21% increase in time-on-page.

In the weeks after optimization, page rankings continued to improve by an average of 9.87 positions (1 full page on Google).

The EKOM Effect: unlocking the full value of traffic via search presence while capturing your potential customer’s attention for longer periods of time.

“I just opened the dashboard after the first optimization. I love your product. This is great.” 

- Jason S., Tender Loving Empire

Source: EKOM

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