6 Ways EKOM Will Revolutionize Your E-Commerce Business

November 27, 2023
Jon Ricketts

Are your product listings in need of a refresh? Is your current process of optimizing products for search taking too long or failing to produce measurable results?

EKOM automates the generation of structured product content – and it does it at scale thanks to proprietary generative AI technology.

Automate your brand voice and sell more with EKOM. Discover six ways EKOM will revolutionize your e-commerce business…

#1 Higher Conversions

Optimized product listings lead to better engagement and higher conversion rates. After implementing EKOM’s automatically-generated product detail pages (PDPs), one enterprise productivity software company experienced a 407% increase in overall traffic and a 12.21% increase in time-on-page. In the weeks that followed, the company moved up an average of 9.87 positions (1 full page) on Google.

#2 Increase Organic Traffic

Automated, structured taxonomy means more visibility and more traffic. Another EKOM client, an auto parts and accessories company, experienced a 612% increase in click-through traffic after just one week of using EKOM. 

#3 Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Organic traffic not only converts higher than paid traffic, it costs very little. Paid search budgets will always be subject to limitations. Organic growth, however, is unlimited. Lower your customer acquisition costs by using EKOM to generate digital assets that are intelligently crafted based on current search trends and a large language model (LLM) trained specifically on your brand’s assets.

#4 Scalability

As your business grows, EKOM grows with you, making it a long-term solution. Whether you need to optimize a few dozen or several thousand product detail pages, EKOM offers a fully automated content generation process. And because EKOM uses retrieval-augmented generation, AI hallucinations are never a threat; quality and trust remain strong as you scale.

#5 Data-Driven Decisions

EKOM users are able to make informed decisions based on real-time analytics coupled with proprietary algorithms. Why guess at what your audience is searching, when you can know? EKOM imports search data from your Google Search Console and other high quality data sources, such as Ahrefs and Semrush. When combined with the LLM trained on your brand’s assets, the result is high quality content built on trustworthy data.

#6 Simple SEO Management

With a user-friendly interface and seamless e-commerce CMS, DAM, or PIM integration, managing your e-commerce SEO becomes a breeze. EKOM has over 300 integrations, including Shopify, Amazon, Squarespace, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, CMS Hub, and many more. Pushing new content out to your tech stack is a simple one-click process – no code or pixel needed.

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