5 Ways to Use Generative AI for Enhancing Your SEO

December 14, 2023
Editorial Team

While some worry that AI will mean the end of online marketing, the truth is that generative AI tools can actually enhance search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and streamline the process for better results.

Generative AI is an exciting tool for online marketers, and instead the technology is opening many new avenues. By utilizing AI in your digital marketing, you can create an improved SEO approach that leads to higher rankings on the search engine result page (SERP) and brings in more organic traffic to your business.

Discover five ways you can use generative AI, such as ChatGPT and EKOM, to enhance your SEO. 

#1 Enriching Content

Generative AI can help with many elements of your online content strategy. Use these tools to help generate ideas for content and enrich existing content.

To give some examples, you can use AI to analyze search behaviors and sales data to find trends for your brand. This can lead to creative ideas for content creation.

You can also use AI to enrich content for seasonality. Generative AI can create a content calendar to align with various events, holidays, and more. You can always edit the calendar further, but generative AI can give you the building blocks. 

#2 Better Data Analysis

If you want to enact effective SEO strategies for your business, you need to understand your audience. To do this, you need excellent data analysis on everything from page views to click-through rates to demographics.

Generative AI is a great way to get insights into your engagement and your audience. These tools allow you to understand your audience better, and they work quickly. Save time and money by letting AI do the heavy lifting for you. 

You can use these insights to adapt your content and inventory to ensure you’re meeting demand. 

#3 Improved Keyword Strategy 

Generative AI is also excellent at keyword research. AI-powered tools like EKOM can quickly import your current keyword usage and also review competitors. With this information, you’ll get relevant keywords for your specific business or brand.

While you may already use products like Semrush for keyword research, EKOM acts on this data, using the latest search trends to generate on-brand content for your e-commerce store’s product detail pages. 

#4 Predict Trends

Generative AI can assist with finding emerging trends. You want to stay ahead of your competition, so you want to know about trends in SEO before others in your industry do.

AI tools like Google Trends provide predictive models. But, if you really want to stay ahead, you can use generative AI to act on relevant research and data in your field. A quality generative AI tool can produce summaries of information leading to essential insights. 

#5 Optimize Your E-Commerce

With EKOM, the first and only enterprise composable software with intelligent algorithms that automatically generate branded assets at scale, you can easily automate and streamline the production of your e-commerce product detail pages. EKOM was made specifically for e-commerce brands, and this proprietary AI trains on your data, content, and industry to produce one-of-a-kind results. 

With EKOM, you can easily optimize existing content, such as page titles, descriptions, and product description pages, or generate completely new content. 

EKOM makes it simple to continuously update your e-commerce content and stores to meet best practices. While content marketers are still a vital part of this process, it's impossible for a team to continuously manage and edit hundreds or thousands of digital assets, so let EKOM partner with you for greater success.

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