$5.6 Million in Ad Spend for Nothing? Own E-Commerce Growth.

November 10, 2023

E-commerce is often a game of numbers. Dial in your ads, lock in a profitable ROAS, and scale. But what if the return you attributed to ad spend would have occurred organically without spending all that money?

A LinkedIn post recently caught our team’s eye. The author writes:

Lifetime, we've spent $14 million on Amazon ads.

Our learning? Millions were a waste.

Don’t trust Amazon ads data.

This e-commerce pro goes on to outline how eight years of a $14 million Amazon ad spend produced results that would have likely happened organically. From further testing, the author believes approximately 40% of sales would have occurred without the ads. That’s a massively wasted spend of $5.6 million.

If your e-commerce strategy invests heavily in Amazon ads, check out the post to see if you might be experiencing some of the same campaign results. Whether or not you buy Amazon ads, this advertiser’s findings raise a valid concern for all e-commerce marketers: are you spending too much on paid ads?

What if you could rely more heavily on organic traffic? Organic traffic is now cheaper than ever before, thanks to EKOM’s proprietary AI-powered digital asset creation technology.

Less Time, Less Money, More Growth

At EKOM, we give control back to our users in the form of limitless organic growth, time, and energy. EKOM is the leading retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) product data enrichment engine, guiding your customers’ organic search experience by optimizing Product Detail Pages (PDPs) with the aid of recent advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

EKOM uses search engine consoles and search data providers as sources of truth to generate new content using proprietary AI models that are built upon AWS AI and OpenAI to positively impact your brand’s content, search, and business outcomes.

EKOM offers heads of SEO and heads of e-commerce the opportunity to train a large language model (LLM) on your brand’s assets. This LLM can then integrate real-time search trend information to build out any digital asset you can imagine, from PDPs to page titles, meta descriptions, and more. This process can occur at massive scale, rapidly updating thousands of assets for optimal organic search performance. 

EKOM Delivers Measurable Results In Just Days

Many EKOM users are experiencing a boom in organic search traffic, lower customer acquisition costs, and higher conversion rates thanks to this code-free and largely hands-off data-driven content development process. 

As an example, EKOM recently worked with an auto parts and accessories company with thousands of daily visitors but little click-through traffic to product pages. Within days of optimization, PDPs that had not received a single click in over a month began getting traffic. Within one week, the site saw a 612% increase in click-through traffic.

For another enterprise productivity software client EKOM boosted overall traffic by 407%, increasing time-on-page by 12.21%. In the weeks that followed, page rankings improved by an average of 9.87 positions (one full page on Google). 

Not Just an AI-Wrapper – EKOM Is One-of-a-Kind.

Generative AI, smartly paired with your brand’s unique assets and the latest in search trends, has the power to drive massive improvements in results positioning, click-through, and conversion – and EKOM is the only service offering these powerful tools.

To learn more about how EKOM can help you achieve better results – with less paid advertising spend – schedule a walkthrough today.

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