4 Predictions for AI & Marketing Automation In 2024

November 30, 2023
Chandler Ott

AI, and its many useful applications in marketing automation, is primed for explosive growth in 2024. A recent article published in AdAge predicts four ways that marketers will use AI and automation in 2024. 

As strategic planning for the upcoming year is well underway, EKOM takes a closer look at these predictions and how they may intersect uniquely with e-commerce brands.

#1: “Brand safety and compliance will become increasingly important.”

We strongly agree.

AdAge argues that AI algorithms are susceptible to ignoring critical brand-safety guidelines. The negative downstream effects are obvious. AI hallucinations, for example, could result in content that ranges from nonsensical to blatantly false and harmful.

At EKOM, we use retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology to ensure AI hallucinations never make their way into clients’ auto-generated digital assets.

Unlike traditional large language models (LLMs), which exist in a vacuum, EKOM’s custom-created LLMs use RAG technology to run queries through individual e-commerce brand’s assets (brand guideline documents or pre-existing and accurate human-created content, for example).

Brand safety and compliance is and will continue to be immensely important. EKOM has the guardrails in place to ensure the highest standards are upheld. Learn more about EKOM’s tech.

#2: “Data normalization will spur productivity gains.”

“Unclean or non-normalized data causes poor results if you’re attempting to automate your workflows,” writes AdAge. Again, we agree. EKOM’s proprietary data models excel in applying uniform brand standards across all of your e-commerce store’s digital assets, from page titles and meta descriptions to full product descriptions.

This standardization, especially when executed at scale across thousands of product listings, offers productivity gains that would take even the most efficient e-commerce and SEO teams countless hours to produce. With EKOM, content generation is fast.

#3: “Reporting will be transformed into a competitive advantage for agencies willing to embrace automation and AI”

EKOM stands behind heads of SEO and heads of e-commerce with a results-oriented platform that can be justified to the C-suite. EKOM users have seen meaningful results, including:

  • 407% increase in overall traffic and a 12.21% increase in time-on-page for one enterprise software client
  • 612% increase in click-through traffic in just one week for an auto parts company

Learn more about these results.

#4: “Automation will power custom local campaigns at scale.”

2024 likely brings a recession to the U.S. economy. Should ad budgets feel the pinch, EKOM anticipates a greater reliance on organic search strategies. However, a traditional approach to organic SEO is time-consuming. Heads of SEO will strategically focus on leveraging AI to automate their organic search marketing. 

AdAge writes, “Historically, advertisers have struggled to deliver long-tail advertising campaigns at scale because of the sheer volume of assets and data points needed to deliver them.”

This is true. With EKOM, however, content featuring long-tail keywords can be rapidly and automatically generated. With a single click – no code or pixel required – EKOM users can push this fresh content out to their product information management (PIM) software, updating their digital assets with quality, unique content built on the back of real-time search data trends.

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